Hope Academy

Hope Academy is a small school started to meet the needs of our children in the New Hope Centre Children’s Home. Many of the children came to us without having had any experience in school, one was 12 years old and had never been to school, another was 11 and had never held a pencil in her hand let alone learned to read. We prayed and asked God for the best educational experience we could provide for these children whom He had chosen to influence the destiny of the nation



The Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a homeschooling programme created initially, years ago, in the USA for missionaries in remote areas of the world where their children needed an alternative educational programme. This curriculum wonderfully meets our purposes as the children are diagnostically tested and entered at their own level of competence and they learn at their own pace throughout their studies. The curriculum is Biblically based and upholds the Judeo-Christian values using the 60 character traits of Jesus throughout the programme from the ABC with Christy learning to read programme to the 12th grade enabling students to know and follow Jesus, the greatest leader in the history of mankind. Students from the community are also enrolled in the programme and a number have been able to overcome many challenges they struggled with in conventional classrooms.


Hope Academy has 4 learning centres, a small library of books, a video library and computer lab. Qualified teachers(supervisors) with individualized learning experience are needed, as well as a librarian, computer lab instructor and sports instructor to enhance and develop the programme. Presently we have no sports facilities although we have space for a tennis court or basket ball court and training swimming pool but funds are needed to develop these.

Students at Hope Academy have chosen the school logo and motto from the scripture I Peter 2:9 “We are a chosen generation…a royal priesthood… a holy nation...a people belonging to God.”



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