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All Nation’s Prayer Convocation

Worship the King of Glory in the beauty of His presence!!!

Debrah has been in Israel the past few weeks as an invited musician with the 24 harpists.  We are so delighted she could go and minister unto the Lord in the company of thousands from many nations around the world at the annual Jerusalem House of Prayer Convocation for All Nations. This was hosted by Tom and Kate Hess at Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem overlooking Bethlehem.

Debrah led the prayer for Swaziland during the Africa Day led by Langton Gatsi at this momentous 50th Anniversary of the City of the Great King, a United Jerusalem

Photo 1

Then God who is faithful to those who trust in him. Debrah and I have prayed for almost two years that God would bless her with a harp, the first for worship in Swaziland. Today this was fulfilled to our great delight. A lady from Botswana, one of the harpist, bought her this brand-new harp with case, plus books of music and extra strings. Glory Glory Glory

He has honored his daughter Debrah.

See photo 2

She flies home in a week’s time and we are honored and delighted. How Good is our God.

2017 Feast of Tabernacles

     We opened our celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles with a family project of building the Succah
(a temporary shelter of leaves and branches) then we enjoyed every mealtime together.


The School of Happy Overcomers Preschoolers gathering to go back to class after enjoying snack time sitting under the Succah, enjoying the sunshine and fresh breezes of spring.

     Each year we have celebrated Succot we have trusted God to help us have one Swazi in Jerusalem to represent our nation. A few Abraham children, Ms. Zanele, Debrah and myself (Dr. Elizabeth) have represented us at the All Nations Prayer Convocation hosted by Tom and Kate Hess, founders of the Jerusalem House of Prayer. Of All Nayiond on Mt of Olives the staying on for the days of Succot.  Other years God has miraculous provided from us to go as family members in small groups. This year Debrah was part of the 24 harpists leading worship at the Prayer Convocation and for the opening days of Succot; she returned in time for the last night celebration.

     The last night we all try to find white and gold or white and yellow clothes to prophetically symbolize those invited to the Marriage Supper of the lamb. Each house prepared songs, dance (our teen girls shared a delightfully joyful Israel dance), and dramas. What a fun night and reminding us how on that last day of the Feast in Jerusalem Jesus lifted up the jug full of water and cried out, "All who are thirsty come and drink for out of you who believe will flow rivers of living water".

Joy at 4-14

     Joy was in the midst of us all last Saturday ( a week ago) as we all celebrated "offering and dedication." During September 4-14 Children’s service.

     Afterwards, at about 4 pm, I noticed she was lifting her paws strangely as she walked. A little later Jesse came and said, "Joy is dying, look how weak she is".

     Monday, we took her to the vet and he tested her vision. She was blind, totally unable to see. He gave her petcam medication for a week as he thought her weakness might be pain from her spine. The petcam did help but, yesterday she was so miserable.

     We took her to the vet this morning and now she has gone to heaven.

     A wonderful faithful guard dog. The first to sound the alarm in times of trouble for many years.  We are burying her up behind Gogo Alexa rondavel.  We thank God for this blessing.

     She crawled under the front gate one day as a tiny puppy and has thrived. An Abraham child has been her main caregiver until he moved up to teenage boys house as he has passed into his teen years. He handed over the care of Joy to another Abraham child at this time, who has gently and kindly cared for her until today.

     "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the Name of the Lord".

2017 - First Rains

Rejoice rejoice! We are experiencing the first spring rains a few weeks late. Dams were low, water rations were being introduced but this afternoon thunder, lightening, rain and a little hail all heralded the belated spring rains. We thank and praise God.

See our kids bursting out of class to dance in Tabernacle patio as the rain and hail pelted down soaking the ground and roads and driveway

     Please continue to pray for rain as the Ministry of Agriculture announced that farmers must sell their cattle by December 2017 as drought and famine will bring about death so we beseech the Lord our God to bring a spirit of repentance in our hearts and heal our land.

September 23, 2017: 4-14 year old "church"


As children gather so do the chickens outside New Hope Centre and a magnificent peacock was also drawn into the activities of this day.


Joy, the dog, takes a snooze in the middle of the games and activities.


One activity was "Samuel says" taken on the game Simon says as we used this to show how the prophet Samuel was able to hear and obey God’s voice such that not one Word he spoke fell to the ground void.

Another activity illustrating the scripture that Samuel grew in stature and in favour with God and man (1Samuel 2:26)

Here’s an impromptu drama with Ms. Zanele as narrative and one of 4-14ers playing as Samuel when he heard Gods  voice calling him as he slept. Once Eli had taught him how to respond he said, "Speak Lord for your servant is listening".

Here is an Abraham child, off stage, as she called "Samuel!"  The way God called Samuel to awaken him so he could speak to him.

     Today the forecast was for rain all day so last night we beseeched the Lord and commanded the wind to slow down and the clouds to hold back their water so that all kids would be home at 5 pm before the much-needed rain.  God is faithful, the drizzle forecast to be all day only began at 5:10pm as our last vehicles drove up to the gate and everyone was safely home.  Glory to God the drizzle increased as the night moved in.

     Today was precious!  We focused on the Dedication and offering expressed in the life of the family of Samuel. We opened in praise and worship and then did introduced the Theme. There was a role play by Abraham children who played Elkanah and Hannah launched the drama of this family in disarray because of two wives and then the solution to the problem being the birth of the baby Samuel after his parents sought for Gods intervention.

     Finally we closed with a panel of brief news of the favour of God at work in the prophet Samuels life:
He announced King Saul, the first King of Israel, he announced King a David, who became the greatest king of Israel and from whose lineage, Jesus the Lion of Judah, King of all Kings was born; his prophetic words were so true that not all be word he uttered ever fell to the ground; his life was righteous before man and God; he was faithful to teach Israel to walk in the awesome ways of God drawing the blessing and goodness of God into life on earth at that time.

     Everyone went home with a double blessing of goodness; a fresh sweet orange in each hand (it should have been apples dipped in honey, which we did last year but funds would not allow this year).

September 18, 2017

Today is overcast and we had a little rain, the vegetable garden project is flourishing. 

     Now the under 13 years old are working with uncles to care for their plots. Looks great and soon it will begin supplementing our daily food with fresh natural grown vegetables. 

Final Piece of House of Prayer

     We rejoice that Mac McKinney, through his generosity and the generosity of many precious friends, has been able to raise the funds for the House of 24/7 Prayer. This will be in memorial of the prophet who shared God’s heart with His Majesty who caught the vision and blessed the place God choose in the mountain. The Words of God established this day can be read in the following references in the Holy Bible as each child and adult established Truth this day.

Psalm 118:1

Psalm 86:1-2

Psalm 24:2

Psalm 169:1

Micah 4:1

Psalm 117:1-3

Isaiah 40:3

Psalm 133

Matthew 7:25

Matthew 16:18

John 3:16

Psalm 95:1

Genesis 1:1

Psalm 132

Psalm 134

Psalm 121

Philippians 4:4

Psalm 121

Genesis 1:1

Isaiah 58:17

Blessed be the Name of the Lord Most High

House of Prayer

     "Upon this Rock I will establish my Church " said Jesus as Peter revealed he understood Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the long awaited for a messiah, the Christ. 2Chronicles and 1 Kings, the Lord God spoke to Solomon saying that in this temple his ear will forever be open to their voice in prayer and supplication in the place He had chosen. In Psalms, God commands a blessing where there is unity. So this day, September 12, 2017, a sound of prayer; a sound of praise, filled the atmosphere on the mountain. 

Mac with John, holding an umbrella over him in 32 degrees sunshine (98 degrees F)


The splendor of the view from the Rock

Praying together in unity, releasing God’s commander blessing on our beloved Swaziland.


Bishop Zakes leading us in the Word 2 Chronicles 7:12, the Lord appeared to Solomon that night and said ... I have chosen this place and my ears are forever open to the prayers and supplications of my people confirming this exact Word the Lord gave Elizabeth, 1 Kings 15, recording the exact promise of God almighty to Solomon. 

A young mother and baby from our community joined us in prayer on this beautiful spring day.

An Abraham child prophetically resting on the Rock which is the Truth of God, He is forever our Rock upon which we have a sure footing of confidence and truth. He is our shelter in the storm, He is our shade in the noonday sun. He is our Saviour, healer, defender, provider, our ever-present help in time of trouble. He is Jesus who came down from heaven because He so loved us and all the World to die in the cross of Calvary for our sin and shame. This is Jesus, the only begotten a son of God our Father. 

Each one of us had a Word to establish in the Earth, under the earth and above the earth.

Tuesday Prayer Chapel on the Mountain

   God spoke to our beloved make June McKinney in the year 2000 about a House of Praise for 24/7 in Swaziland. The queens of late King Sobhuza 11 of Eswatini or Swaziland in English showed her the very place where they gathered to pray all night on a Friday, at the top of this mountain to pray for the wisdom of the King, pray for peace for the nation and for establishment of its national sovereignty. 

     The blessing of the land for the 24/7 house of prayer at the place of Somhlolo Rock where King Somhlolo used to spend his days meditating and meeting with leaders of the nation as he drew together the family clans and formed the Kingdom of Swaziland in these beautiful hills and valleys in Eastern Southern Africa. 

     June McKinney prophesied over this land in 1999 as she met with the royal family that upon this mountain where King Somhlolo prayed, where King Sobhuza’s 11 wives prayed for the nation every Friday night all night in the mountain throughout his 70 year reign. Now God will establish a national 24/7 house of prayer.  

We blessed the land with Babe Mac (June McKinney widower) with Bishop Zakes Nxumalo and the Abraham children.


     Mac McKinney under the orange umbrella with a John at the prayer chapel site as Mac came to see the place as he has raised the funds for the 24/7 house of prayer in Swaziland.

Shabbat Cerebration for Papa Mac

Every Friday night, as a family, we gather to celebrate Shabbat. We meet and have a time of praise and worship led by the praise team. Caleb has certainly helped us upgrade.  Ruth has learned how to manage the sound system and the team is composed of Caleb and other teenager Abraham children, they have become awesome in opening the Heavens and bring the presence of God in our midst.

Papa Mac and Abishop Zakes, friends of almost 30 years relax together to enjoy the salute in dance, song and poetry in honour of papa Mac and his support for Make June and her ministry all the years.


The Abraham family and staff gather expectantly for a night of honour, excellence, and celebration.


You see the two candles lit for Shabbat as we honour the Light of the world, who is Jesus our Saviour a redeemer the anointed one, the Messiah.  Here the young children of the main house presented a musical drama.

One of the Abraham children wrote and presented an awesome poem. The first she had ever written and read expressively. A copy of the poem is in the following pictures.



A poem written and read to encourage Paos Zmac found below:


Continuing Mac’s Visits-Friday

Mac McKinney, and a Abraham child began the day sharing breakfast with Ben Sibandze at Elwsndle Guest House (EGH). Ben Sibandze Aldo, known as Mshandane, was a great friend to June McKinney for almost over 30 years.  Mshandane is the Indvuna of ELwsndle, meaning, he is the head leader of the local community. He is retired Regional Administrator of HhoHho Region, similar to being a Governor of state but instead of a state it is called a Region; also a former Senator and former Deputy Prime minister of the Kingdom of Swaziland

After breakfast Dr. Elizabeth joined them and we went to visit the inkhosikati LaNgometulu one of the queens of the former King Sobhuza II. What a joy filled visit. Then, on to lunch at Bskers Corner in matsapha and to ezulwini Gable shopping centre where we met Pr Zakes for coffee before heading back to New Hope Centre by 6 on to celebrate Shabbat.

This Queen has been a faithful prayer warrior since she was taken as a bride by the late King Sobuzah II. First, she and other queens prayed every Friday of the year at the top of Bethany mountain. It has been her dream that a prayer chapel be built to make possible the establishment of a centre of 24hour prayers.


Mac visiting queen in her home built for her by her half step son King Mswati III.

Inkhosikati Langometulu her royal highness Queen LaNgometulu.

Elizabeth with HRH Queen laNgometulu.

Annie Cheung with HRH Queen LaNgometulu.

Mac McKinney and Elizabeth sharing time of audience with HRH LaNgometulu.

Continuing Mac’s Visits

Thursday’s adventure was to the site of the memorial Prayer chapel to be built in Bethany Mountain beside the Somhlolo Rock. 

Here is Ibed Shongwe at the top of the mountain with drawing plans

The dusty drive around the mountain to see the site at the very top of the hill.

Mac coming down the rock face after taking photos of the site.

In a few weeks this photo will be different as the prayer chapel will stand at the very top.

We thank everyone who has contributed towards the memorial prayer chapel to our beloved prophetic mother of the nation, June McKinney.

Independence Day September 6

The first Christian church built in Swaziland, was land given by the king of Swaziland so the missionaries could bring the Word of God and teach the Swazi nation how to "eat the Word and live" as God had told King Somhlolo in a vision.

Stella Lukhele former cabinet minister, teacher, author, public speaker and founder of Khulisa Umtfana (raise up a child in the way it should go and he/she will not depart from it).

Two Abraham children stand at the first Methodist church row in South west Swaziland.

Photo of Rev. Alison the first Methodist missionary invited to Swaziland by the King.

The renovated interior of the first church in Swaziland began with Dr. Elizabeth’s father, Dr. Samuel Hynd, who was the first to provide donations towards its restoration and now it is declared a national monument.

Mac McKinney Visits Mahamba, the First Church in Swaziland 

Gugu kindly came and opened the church for us. Here is Mac, Stella Lukhele former Cabinet Minister of Housing in Urban Development, also the minister of tourism and environment with two Abraham children

Mac McKinney’s Visit to Swaziland

Mac McKinney is prophet Rev. June McKinney’s widower. He has come six months after her passing on to glory to meet people and see the fruit of many of her visits, teachings and friendships.  Also to turn the sod on the June McKinney Memorial Prayer Chapel.

Mac was met in Johannesburg by their dear friend of thirty years, Bishop Zakes Nxumalo - founder of Christian Family Centre in Manzini and Chairman of Levites Camps for pastors training and chairman of Swaziland chapter of Samaritans Purse.

Home away from home at Elwandle Guest House overlooking Manzini city and to the East the Lowveld and Lubombo mountains.

Caleb Abraham driving Mac, Annie, Stella, Elizabeth, and some Abraham children off to southern Swaziland on Independence Day, Sept 6, 2017.

New Hope Centre’s new Avandza, a blessing from Dr. Jennifer Weyer of Crestville Florida USA.

International Student Convention 2017 - In the USA in May

University of Pennsylvania in Indiana City, Pennsylvania

We are so delighted to share with you that the three boys who won nominations at the All Africa Student convention held at the University of Free State in Bloemfontein South Africa last December applied for their USA visas on Wednesday and we collect their approved visas on Friday March 24.

Hallelujah and praise God for His grace and favour. Mr. Nati Kirsh a prominent Jewish Swazi businessman has sponsored their flights to USA on May 10 returning May 31. They are flying with about 50 others students from various countries in Africa (they are the only Swazis):  South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and up birth Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda.

The International Student Convention is being held in Indiana City at the University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania.  If you are nearby or if you are able to visit them in Pennsylvania it would be marvelous.  Last year a sponsor couple from Oklahoma were able to visit with the three girls at the University of Missouri while they were there at 2016 International Student Convention.


We are still gathering clothes, pocket money, art supplies, a camera and cell phone etc., for them to travel with to the USA.  You may want to show your support and drop them an email or even a gift or funds towards their trip.  You are welcome to respond by email to newhope@swazi.net

We are so very proud of them and pray they will represent our loving Heavenly Father and our beloved Swaziland superbly. John is doing the 100m dash so was out scouting for running shoes today.  Yesterday we purchased art supplies as all three boys have entered art exhibits. Samuel is working on an expressive reading, Zadok is brushing up in chess skills while they are both practicing their winning puppet show.  John is also entering a solo song.  A great adventure and tremendous growth experience before these three young men.

Please keep them in your prayers from now until they are safely home at end of May. Much love and thanks for your love, prayers, support and interest. 

Christmas 2016

Advent commenced with our lighting of the First Advent candle together, the Candle of Prophecy. Each evening we read together and meditated on the Prophecies given 100s of years before Christ’s birth in Bethlehem of Judea(now in what is called the West Bank). What an amazing wonder of God’s faithfulness to share what He is doing and going to do with us His creation on Earth.  We combined the scripture reading of the prophecies of His first coming 2016 years ago and the prophecies of His second coming that is yet to come.   The Second Candle of Advent is Preparation and we then proceeded to spend each evening as we lit the candles and sang Christmas Carols reading scriptures of how to prepare our lives and hearts for making room for Christ in our hearts and in our daily lives as we prepare ourselves to fulfill the dreams God had in His heart when He thought about us in the beginning of time so that we can be truly contented in life by doing and living the very thing for which we were created.  The third Advent Candle we celebrated the Joy of Our Salvation, the benefits of health, protection, joy, peace, provision, prosperity and loving kindness from God and from our fellow human beings.  The last and fourth Advent Candle of Worship, our response to the wonderful Grace wrapped up in the coming of the Son of the living God to dwell amongst us and then to leave His spirit with us that we be empowered to live free and happy contented lives of peace and wonder.

For the past two weeks we have considered in chapel each morning our preparations to celebrate the Birthday of the greatest man on earth, Jesus, Saviour of the World, Prince of Peace, Mighty God...We signed up for three themes to celebrate together on 24th December, 2016:




Each team prepared songs of praise and worship that declared and proclaimed Joy, Peace and finally love. 

So after lighting the Jedidah, Nehemiah, Tabitha and Ethan lit the  four Advent Candles  and our Big Boys: Matthew, Titus, Nehemiah, Josiah and Piwa lit the Hanukah candles we proceeded with the fun and rejoicing and laughter of the evening all in honour of the King of Kings born in a manger in Bethlehem 2016 years ago. While they were lighting these candles we sang O HOLY NIGHT as it is quite astounding that in John 10:22-23 that Jesus Himself revealed His true identity in Solomons Porch of the Temple at the Feast of Dedication which is now called Hanukah

The Spirit of Christmas started with songs of Joy to the World the Saviour reigns, let earth .....let every heart prepare Him room and heaven and nature sing...and on to I go the joy joy joy joy down in my heart....the joy of the Lord is my strength...then came the drama written and created by the team.  See foto of the group on stage.

This was followed by much hilarity as all 70 of us played musical chairs to Christmas songs on the computer

Then we feasted on Turkey, stuffing, baked potatoes, candied carrots all yummy food prepared by Phillippa our chief cook and her team.  After all were satisfied and the turkey bones set aside to make scrumptious soup for the next day we proceeded with the festivities.

The Message Christmas  is PEACE

The songs and drama focused on the message brought by the angels on the night of Jesus birth as shepherds were watching their sheep by night suddenly the heavens were filled with angles praising God and singing “Peace on Earth and good will towards Men” The little sheep including our newest family members were darling(see Lindelwa as a sheep, she is two years old) see foto.

After games together we shared desert of traditional British style TRIFLE before moving on to the final theme of the day.

The Meaning of Christmas is LOVE.

Oh what fun as we sang “It’s love its love its live that makes the World go round...It you its me that makes the Love go around..” Then a sophisticated drama of Mary and Joseph in the days of courtship, the visitation of the angel Gabriel the shock and confusion of Joseph on discovering Mary was pregnant. The gracious visitation of an angel to speak to Joseph in His sleep and the reconciliation between the young couple before the decree of Caesar Augustus that all must go to register to be taxed and the young couple traveling down to Bethlehem from Nazareth. Tabitha played Mary, John played Joseph and Zipporah served as the Hallowed donkey carrying the Christ Child from city to city in His mother Womb.  Finally the desperate search for accommodation and the birth of the Saviour with shepherds and wisemen coming to show love respect and honour to the baby born in a Manger. This drama thankfully was not video taped as some may rank it sacrilegious but what laughter and what humanity displayed through this brief story play, I wonder how the angels must have been falling around laughing in the heavenlies and how Jesus, Joseph and Mary may have been laughing with us as real life feelings actions rolled out before us...Love often is costly and Love often is challenging.

From this Caleb accompanied by Abigail, Tabitha and Miriam offered a thanksgiving testimony through the song “ARISE”.....and James accompanied by Samuel and the teen boys band offered a song of prayer “Fire Fall” this led us into the sacred time of sharing Jesus birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday to our beloved friend, saviour and brother.

Lastly before the ending of the party Tracie’s cousin Debbie and her husband  in Johannesburg had boxed up little gifts for each child, so it was a delight to have fun surprises.  Titus, Hepzibah, Prisicilla and Josiah each had big boxes of gifts from their sponsors.  So we all closed the day thankful to be alive and well, happy and living in a Kingdom where peace reigns.

Happy Overcomer Preschool Graduation

2016 is over and we move into 2017. Blessed be God forever. Faithful and just and true is our God, maker of Heaven n Earth, who was and is and is to come!

What a great day. Fifty lively happy and excited little ones gathered with their educators: Ms Menzi, ms Colile, Ms Nothando, ms Phumlile,ms Zanele. 

Parents, Hope Academy students and community friends came for a day of showing off skills learned and joy unspeakable.  Sis Ngeti served as Priframme Director and Bishop Zakes Nxumalo shared the Word of God with fun, with participation and blessings. He shared from Matthew where Jesus answered the question " who is the greatest in the Kingdom?" And Jesus answered that it was the little child and even went further to say unless you become as a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So what must we do to be childlike not childish: wake up each day full of joy, wonder and trust; fill each day with liveliness, enthusiasm and honesty.  He called the little ones up to dance with him  to the song "when Jesus says yes, nobody can say no" then he called up the parents to join them, then he blessed parents, then teachers and then children. 

Colani the coordinator of Early Childhood Network launched with ms Tracie Hynd last year was the second speaker giving words of wisdom on the vital importance of the Early Childhood years of Development.

This was all followed by a scrumptious meal cooked and served by the Preschool Educators.  Hats off to them for a great and joy filled day on Bethany Mountain.  Later in the evening mr Steve our music teacher together with our talented Hope Academy students led the annual Hope Academy Music Concert. We were delighted Ms Tracie was back from koinonia creative arts school in time for a day of celebration.


See the VIDEO!

2016 Fall Feast

The fall feasts, the final scene on earth before the curtain drops on life as we know it on earth. The feast of tabernacles or Succot as it is called in Hebrew.

God in His great wisdom ordained a series of "Feasts of the Lord" that serve to unfold the nature of Gods plan for all creation and these are explained in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Jesus attended and celebrated these Feasts with His family and His disciples while He was on earth. Truly it is amazing to walk in His prophetic and historic ways.  The Spring Feasts of the Lord have all been fulfilled historically: unleavened bread, Passover, Pentecost and we celebrate these in their completion. The Fall Feasts are yet prophetic and this makes them so exciting as we still anticipate with great longing their unfolding fulfillment.

Last night we celebrated prophetically what the Apostle John described in Revelations 19 the anticipation of the Great marriage supper of the Lamb,  we started with lighting the shabat candles, the first in honour of Jesus who was born in Bethlehem in what is now called The West Bank. This candle we celebrate and rejoice over as it represents Jesus the light of the World bringing an end to darkness, fear, confusion and bring revelation understanding and liberty in our lives, communities and societies. The second candle representing the mystery and miracle of how believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus the Light establishes a new creation in us and we mere mortals become the light and glory of God upon  the earth.

Then we entered into celebration and we have a few video clips and fotos to share with you. Our small girls (under 8s) started the program: lindelwa, Sharon, azariah, Mishael and Hananiah.

Then the happy over comers preschool teachers led by ms Menzi a glorious song, then big girls (Keturah Huldah, apohia, hepzibah, Priscila and jedidah ) finally the climax was the teenage girls and a wonderful  procession of the Bride of Christ each holding and tending to the flame of their First Love for the so incoming Bridegroom the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lord, King of Kings. Please watch the video.  So together we shout  with the Spirit saying "come Lord Jesus come"

Fall 2016 Practice for Fall Exams

Schools have started the third and final term of the year for 2016.  Excitement is in the air as seniors are taking mock or trial exams getting ready for finals in November. Seven of our students are preparing for Royal college of London ballet exams in November and 14 are preparing for All Africa Student Convention the first week of December.

Last week was drama preparation week and even Sunday afternoon before a well appreciated rain storm teams were practicing to be ready to begin going to schools tomorrow.

For the next three weeks our kids will be up early and off to the four corners of Swaziland to lead school assemblies. Our theme this year comes from Micah 6:8 "what is required of man? To do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly before your God"

The teams are composed of four in each team, that’s the number of praise so as we come to the end of the year we want to declare in the earth, under the earth and above the earth..."praise to our God creator and sustainer of heaven and earth and all that is therein" 

That the Lord says he will pour rain and the waters will run in furrows.

We had an awesome evening yesterday. About 430pm heavy black clouds rolled in as we were about to gather for shabat in the Tabernacle of Praise at New Hope Centre

Roshashana is Oct 2 sunset but we celebrated on Friday at shabat, the goodness of God by eating apples dipped in honey and reading over the verses in psalms that included proclamations of God’s goodness.

God declares in psalm 65:11 that he crowns the year with goodness and our paths with abundance. Then each one of us choose the verse that best suited us like I choose " I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living" while Abigail for example choose " the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the goodness of God" this we each wrote on a coloured sunburst card as our "command " for the coming year. You see in the Book of Job God asks Job "have you commanded your day?" So we choose what we want to command over the coming year.

The preceding verses in psalm 65 were awesomely declared in the land validating verse 11 in that the Lord says he will pour rain and the waters will run in furrows. Well at about 5 pm we had the first real thunderstorm with lightening and abundance of rain.  The excitement in the tabernacle was awesome, the lights went out because the power was disrupted by the storm, so we had the menorah candles burning, the kerosene lanterns lit and candles on the tables while we sang and danced in praise and adoration to a good and faithful God of all creation. The rain drummed on the roof tiles and we danced in circles and small groups delighting in Gods blessings of abundance of goodness and the abundance of rain.

Most of our daytime staff missed the fun as we sent those from far home early and those who live locally went home between 5 pm and 6 pm only to find they could not safely walk back in the storm. Only ms Nothando and mr lucky were able to join us.

So we begin the Feast of trumpets with much rejoicing and thanksgiving for surely our God is good, and His mercies endureth forever, there is none like Him. He makes goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our lives and He drops fatness or abundance in our paths.

September  Shalom From Joel The Licensed Pilot

Joel Abraham obtains great step forward in life. Joel has dreamed and believed and prayed to be a pilot. He took to the skies this past month and past his flying test. He is now a licensed pilot. Glory to Hod and we thank God for every safe flight every patient and careful instructor and every prayer and gift of funding towards the lessons, exams, test flights etc. This is the first milestone. He cannot earn money as a pilot however until he achieves his Commercial Flying License. This will involve many more hours of flying of study of passing tests on paper in simulation flights and in real flying hours.  We are trusting the same faithful Heavenly Father who brought him this far to take him through to prospering as a fully qualified commercial pilot flying the skies of this beautiful little planet called Earth. We are truly thrilled by his determination perseverance and developing skill. Thank you to each and everyone who believed and invested in this young precious life. 

Abraham Family Worshiping

The Abrahams are fulfilling their destiny. This past weekend our church had a Youth Day. It cost e50 per person so one of the pastors at church, Nan Jarvis, sponsored all our teenagers so that all could participate and enhance their feeling of belonging in the Church. 

Sunday they were invited to lead worship.  Here you see them leading. These kids were abandoned, rejected and lost before God placed them in this Abraham family. Now the throwaways are transforming the nation by sharing "the knowledge of the glory of God all over Swaziland, as the waters cover the seas."

This coming weekend they are invited to lead at Revival services being held in. The western part of Swaziland called Mankayane, the community where Elijah lives and has his fledgling chicken farm.  The next weekend, Septembrt 24 they will host the September 4-14 year old church with the theme" The Power of Praise"

Please pray for the redemption of our entire nation. We want none to be left behind when Jesus returns to gather up His Bride. 

October 2015 2015 All Africa Student Convention

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March 2015 - Celebration of Purim

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March 2015 Heroes in Swaziland Visit New Hope Centre

Today we were blessed by two great men both "living legends " Dr Samuel Hynd, medical missionary doctor serving the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of Swaziland for almost 70 years and still assisting patients at the ACTS 2 Clinic at the age of 90, and Mr Nati Kirsh, the third richest man in all of Africa who started a milling company in Swaziland with his young family and has been a friend and supporter of Dr Hynd’s missionary endeavors to relieve suffering.

Our children at New Hope Centre are so proud of both Dr Samuel Hynd, their adoptive grandfather and Nathi Kirsh, a Swazi who has excelled in business, economics and philanthropy. The children have prepared Israeli dances to honour Nathi’s visit. Nathi will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Israel United Appeal in Johannesburg the day after his visit to New Hope Centre. Five of our boys have prepared works of art in commemoration of this 2015 Swazi visit by their heroes.

February 2015 - Wake Foundation Visit

This wake foundation is a team of students from Taiwan who came for ten days. They were great fun. They went out five days to rural schools nearby and spent the day doing art and culture in each class from grade one to grade seven and also held an all school session in basic hygiene as one if the volunteers was a medical student.They spent Saturday with our kids visiting homesteads in our community to encourage them with the word of god and to pray with them. On Monday they split into two teams and went to two homes in the community and cleaned house. Then the last day they divided themselves into four teams and spent the day in our hope academy doing Art with our students.What a delight to have these you bright friendly smart young people in our midst. The leaders hope to bring another team out from Taipei in August 2015

New Year’s Celebration 2015

A Happy and Blessed New Year to everyone dropping into our site. Tonight we will celebrate beginning at 6pm in out Tabernacle of Praise with Caleb leading praise and worship with James Anastasia Joseph Jedidah phoebe Debrah Miriam Suzzanna Keziah Tabitha and Abigail and our master drummer Jesse on the drums. This will be followed by Braai (barbeque) with wors (a special style South Africa sausage) cooked by Joel and his team followed by an evening if games created and led by Phoebe Samuel and Debrahand awards for outstanding character as nominated by our family using the 60 character traits of Jesus. Every child will win an award and some may win several. At midnight we will watch the fireworks from our mountain as they are displayed over Manzini then watch the movie series "Left Behind" as we bring the Christmas season to a close keeping in mind and heart that this same Jesus born in a stable in Bethlehem will return to establish his kingdom of Peace on Earth. As the Bride of Christ and the Spirit say Come quickly Lord Jesus. May the Spirit God move each and every one who reads this into a fulfilling and deep encounter and relationship with the Living Loving Lord Jesus Christ, the reason for the celebration of the Christmas Season.

Christmas Pageant 2014 ( on YouTube )

Christmas Pageant at New Hope Centre Swaziland – December 2014 - About 40 community kids were in this pageant that started Abigail as prophet Isaiah then had station with five wise men discussing funding the star and deciding to go west. Then Jerusalem temple with Anastasia as Gabriel Lydia as Zechariah and a community kid as Mary. Next Mary and Gabriel by Tabitha and Miriam next Joseph and Gabriel by Sam and Gcina. Next Elizabeth and Mary by Apphia and community Chloe then Bethlehem village scene with a bunch of community kids including only Elijah and Joanna. Zadok and John made great soldiers bringing decree of Caesar Augustus. Next Ethan and community kid Mary riding a live donkey the phoebe as Mary Judith as good inn keeper a community kid as other in keeper and Joseph. A bunch if our girls as angels visiting shepherds who were Jesse and bunch of community kids next station Chloe as Mary and community kid was Joseph and a baby from the community so cute. At preschool station 12 was James as king Herod Seth Titus and Joseph as kings and bunch if kids as villagers next three kings Jemimah Hepzibah and Josiah sadly these men did not get camels. Final scene in tabernacle the same three wise men Jedidah as Mary community kid as Joseph and community kids as shepherds and angels. The tabernacle was full of hay for the stable atmosphere but only donkeys attended our cows were so upset at donkeys just kept chasing them all over. Very interesting sunshine with her baby goodness were the lead aggressors. Ended with big hail storm and magnificent rainbow riding from kwaluseni university high into the sky. Bless god he has provided for us to bless 70 families with whole chicken rice etc hamper for them to cook Christmas dinner. Filmed by Jason coop professional movie maker photographer and camera man from London

November 2014 4-14 Church

Yesterday was a great success with 200 Bethany community kids. We have teams of two hosts with ten community kids each and all if us make up 24 teams so its really easy. As each team has ten kids unless the team includes our preschoolers then our preschooler is the tenth and the team would have 9 community kids. So we did the hoopla hoop game throwing over a poll with a banana reward, pass the gift with the music and do a special action as paper instructed until last paper that was wrapping a beautiful soft cuddly teddy bear, then the whisper game with a statement of something related to Christmas story, and finally the river bank game but we used Bethlehem and Nazareth and they had to jump back and forth.
Praise and worship was led by James and Anastasia and it was splendid Jesse was superb on drums. Phoebe outstanding as lead singer and dancer with Keziah and Miriam her backups. Jedidah Abigail and Tabitha led certain songs brilliantly. The bible teaching by Gugu was so e capturing and finally they all took home a beautiful sketch they coloured in the zadok had made as a maze leading to find baby Jesus in the manger. Weather was awesome sunny and warm.

A great day. Pray for us as we prepare for December 20 the Christmas pageant including our 50 Abraham kids and 50 of the community kids. We will have 14 stations with a mini drama at each if the nativity story ending in the tabernacle with everyone.

May god use us as a light to transform our community to manifest his presence and his glory

Preparing for Universal Children’s Day

Tracie Hynd is on the steering committee of the first ever national conference for early childhood education, to commence on Universal Children’s Day, the 20th November. This conference will host 230 delegates at the Royal Swazi Convention Centre for two full days with a closing session honoring those centers excelling in early childhood programs. Tracie is also presenting two of the plenary sessions.

"Children on The Go: Blessed going in and Blessed going out"

Tracie, Caleb, Jemimah, Jedidah, Titus, Ethan and Joseph left Thursday morning July 31 for a week of ministry in East London down in the Southern Province of South Africa called the Eastern Cape. It was a two day journey in our faithful ten year old "bakkie" once given to us by friends in Hong Kong. They overnighted at Amanzimtoti just south if Durban with another ministry called Seeds of Hope.

Ms. Tracy Goes on National Radio

Last Monday Ms. Tracie Hynd founder and head of our New Hope Centre Preschool called the Happy Overcomers School with 36 students this year from the Bethany community and 8 of our Abraham children, went national. Ms. Tracie has developed a unique Biblical curriculum which will shortly be published and she has begun running a training course at New Hope Centre each year for early childhood educators.

She was invited to share in a one hour lunch time national radio broadcast and so launched New Hope Centre influence nationally. She shared on the importance of play in early childhood development. The vital role in cognitive, intellectual and social development of early childhood training of daycare centre and preschool and kindergarten teachers to maximize the development of each and every child. She shared for 30 minutes then handled call in questions for 30 minutes.

The responses were great and they asked her to come again with Ms. Zanele who translated for her.

2014 the year of our tenth anniversary and the year of national influence for the little ones who will lead the nation in years to come.

ELIJAH ABRAHAM is preparing for his life dream to be a chicken farmer.

In the past few months we have been meeting with the elders of his family and the community elders regarding his ancestral land. The family agreed to give him his mothers portion of the homestead and this past week 7or8 of our teenage boys have jumped into our "canopy bakkie" small van and head northwest for a 45 minute ride to Mankayane area. There they have dug the foundation for Elijah’s chicken shed and office with a room for him to sleep as well. The rains are over so this is the perfect time to prepare the site. School begins next week which will bring things to a halt but finance is now needed to by the cement and rivers and and crush stone to hand mix and pour the foundation. This must be done before the rains come so as soon as we have some funds even usd1000 we can pour the concrete foundation.

We are praying that by the next school break in September the funds will have come in to buy concrete blocks, window frames. Door frames, wire netting poles and corrugated iron roofing so the teenage boys can go to task helping their older brother prepare for his life dream. Between September and December we pray god will provide a "bakkie" for him so he can collect the needed sawdust for preparing the chicken shed, buy the day old chicks and their meds then transport the food and finally take the grown chickens to market. It would be wonderful if he started his first day old chicks at end of October or mid November so that he could hit the market supplying peopl in his rural area with a live chicken for Christmas. In January he will begin high school in his home community as he completes grade 7 at hope academy this year.

Please pray for him to be a great success as he enters the life of his dreams. He will still need alot of support in finance and prayer as he makes this transition

Fathers Day 2014

We loaded two cars full of kids and went the 20Km ride from New Hope Centre on the north west side of Manzini to the Elwandle on the eastern side of the city to celebrate Fathers Day with veteran medical missionary and grandfather to our family of 52 kids. Dr Samuel Hynd who will be celebrating his 90th birthday in December was thrilled on this chilly grey wintery day to have a blue frosted chocolate cake with the ducks, chickens dogs and cows representing family life in rural Swaziland. The children had bought cards for him and gathered around to read the adjusted Fathers Day cards into Grandfather blessings. It was a fun time for all and truly a blessing to have a man of God in our midst who has been faithful throughout his days becoming a father in the nation of Swaziland not only a father to his immediate family. He is the most honored in the land as he was the attending physician when His Majesty King Mswati III was born in RFM Hospital 47 years ago and was also attending physician to the first Princes and Princesses born to our present King.

Joseph on his knees in respect as he reads his blessing card to Dr Samuel HyndHappy Father’s Day on a chilly Sunday afternoon on the Elwandle Mountain Ridge

Suzzanna reading her card of Blessing to “Babhe” Dr Samuel Hynd on his 60th celebration of Father’s Day

Being a Father to the Fatherless
Father’s Day 2014

At New Hope Centre we are dependent on the generosity and kindness of those who care for orphans. It is always a great pleasure to see our children grow and mature. However, it also means that each year they are in need of new clothing.

It is at this time of the year that we try to supply each one of our kids with a new sweater since it is winter in Swaziland. They also need a new pair of shoes and two new pairs of socks. When you are honoring your father at father’s day we would like to appeal to you to also BE a father (or mother) to those who have none by contributing $30.00 (US) for a new sweater for one child.

If you are a father (or mother), perhaps you could consider donating $50.00 (US) to supply a complete package of the new items needed for each child. We will tell the children who has given them their clothing, if you like, and they will send you an email to thank you. If you prefer that they not write, just let us know.

It may surprise you to know how important it is to these kids that you take an interest in them. They keep the pictures of those who sponsor them by their beds and pray for them each day.

This Father’s Day you can become a father (or mother) to a child who has been deprived of their own. Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your blessings.

Cherry Brandstater
Project Coordinator

Praise at the Christian Life Centre

After launching the Swazi 4-14 Church yesterday May 17, 2014 Caleb Abraham our eldest son , drive the faithful Izuzu canopy "bakkie"(small van) with all our big girls (Jedidah, Jemimah,Chloe, Keziah, Naomi, Hepzibah ) with Ethan our big boy and Jesse to Christian Life Centre to lead a portion of the praise and worship for this church.

Here is how this happened. While June McKinney was here for our Tenth Anniversary celebrations, she ministered in a church called Christian Life Centre. Jedidah ( our most honoured and beloved daughter whose name means "God’s Darling") fell in love with the gentle spirit of the pastor and his wife so she begged to go to church there. We arranged it for her the next Sunday, and Jemimah asked to join her. On Mother’s Day these two had a speech, a song and a presentation of a coffee cup each to the pastors wife. Today they had prepared a worship time with all the main house big girls plus Ethan plus Jesse on drums and Caleb on the guitar.

Ms. Futhi, our community worker who accompanied them said "Shalom auntie! The kids did amazing!! As soon as they put the mics to their mouths ready to sing, the house already was going crazy!!! It was amazing, beautiful, and inspiring to see young children leading the people to the Lord’s presence. I am very proud of them, and honored to be with them. What a great performance from NHC, the spirit of the Lord filled the whole church. Most people were in tears and dancing to the wonderful music they rendered. Everybody congratulated Jedidah and Naomi because they did their best. I have never heard them singing and worshipping as they did today. I am really humbled to work with this family and these kids. Dr, thank you for allowing them to visit my church. My Pastor extended her blessings to you for being a good mother to them. As a thank you for mothers day gift from Jedidah pastor asked me to treat them all with KFC and ice cream, so I did as she asked of me. We also registered for Saturday fun day with the church to be held at Mavuso trade fair in Manzini. There will be music,dance, word of God,soccer,skipping etc.

Launch of the the Swazi 4-14 Church at New Hope Centre, May 2014

Yesterday May 17, 2014 we launched the Swazi 4-14 church at New Hope Centre. Seventeen churches were invited to bring their Sunday school kids ages 4 to 14 for a day walking through the lessons we can learn of Joseph’s life in the Bible times.

Three hundred and fifty kids with their Sunday school teachers came walking up the hill to our wide open gate. 34 of our kids had signed up to be hosts to the ten or twenty kids from each church. Our kids had posters held high with the church name on it and they called the names of the churches them hugged and welcomed each and every child. The hosts with their group then found a cosy place to sit down in the sunshine and share a banana and mug of juice while asking them a few "get to know you questions". They told them a brief introduction of our family life at New Hope Centre then took them to visit and use the toilets before going into the Tabernacle of Praise for Praise and worship led by New Hope Centre worship team. After about 30 to 40 minutes of praise and worship auntie Elizabeth officially welcomed everyone and the program began with a drama of the story of Joseph followed by a brief and fun message by Pastor Absalom Dlamini of International Tabernacle. He was also one if our speakers our the Tenth Anniversary weekend of celebration. We then went out in age groups 4-6 year olds to the "Lapha" (the meeting place) near our front gate; the 7-10s to the level ground by the solar water pump; the 11-14 year olds to the space beside the Lorraine First Aid Centre. Each group had activities related to the life and destiny of Joseph connecting to our every day lives in 2014. Then we gathered for a closing prayer and lunch before everyone left on the bus homeward bound.

We were so blessed to launch the Swazi 4-14 Church on this our Bethany Mountain. We are working on the constitution as we register ourselves officially as the Swazi 4-14 Church For children, With Children, Led by Children.

Samuel Abraham our very own young prophet and preacher had a prophetic vision of our logo which we will print on t-shirts as soon as God helps us raise funds for printing them.

The next step for us is to begin our monthly Saturday afternoon 4-14 Church meeting the third Saturday of every month. So the next will be June 21st from 2pm to 4pm. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers as we obey the great commission go ye into Jerusalem Judea Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world baptising them in the name if the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, teaching them everything I have taught you and signs and wonders will follow you.

Flying Over Swaziland, May 2014

Joel Abraham has spent his school holiday moving forward in his flying lessons both theory and practical in a small Cessna plane. This morning he is off to the airport early with auntie Annie as he will be flying at 9 am and his instructor is Mike Randf the pilot who also flies His Majesty King Mswati

Preparing for Medical School, May 2014

Phillippa Abraham has begun the long journey to fulfil her calling as a medical doctor. Her story you can find in the "24 extraordinary children " book which is a collection of our first 24 kids written mini biographies.

Phillippa has finished her first term at Penryn College in Nelspruit South Africa. She was just home for two weeks holiday and worked on some issues that were challenging her. This first week back at college she is full of smiles but has some needed assistance. Her assignments require a laptop computer costing about usd600 and she will need help with the next terms tuition. She has her books and sponsor support for her daily provisions but the college fees are a big stretch. Pray with her that she grasps all her studies, passes with excellence and that finances come for her to be able to become a medical doctor to help those who suffer from sickness and disease. She saw too much suffering as an orphaned child and desperately wants to be part of the solution in our country

The Swazi Mile Swim, February 2014

The Swazi Mile is an annual event up in the mountains near the capital city Mbabane. Swimmers of all ages and genders enter and swim in the cold mountain lake that is behind a dam that produces hydro-electricity. So nine of our family joined the swimmers Sunday morning at 10am and with the whistle blow they set off to buoy floating up stream then down stream to the second one then across current back to the starting point. All nine completed the mile so got the t-shirts but no awards. We are proud if these young people as it takes a lot of courage to swim in open waters with no wall to catch onto at the turn at each end of the pool.

Elijah celebrates his 18th birthday, February 1, 2014

Elijah celebrates his 18th birthday and makes his passage from childhood to adulthood by walking through the golden archway created by his sisters and after a scrumptious Braai or barbecue prepared by his brothers. The evening began with much excitement lighting the Shabbat candles and the menorah lamps. We then crowned Elijah King of Endurance. This is a tradition we have created from the chronicles of Narnia so as prince Elijah moves into his place and destiny we honour end him by crowning him King Endurance. Before him is Caleb King Courageous, Debrah Queen Diligence, Noah King Noble.

On this night the Happy Overcomers, our preschoolers opened the program with a song for Elijah followed by all sorts of talent. Jedidah sang a worship song in solo, Debrah wrote and encouraging speech while phoebe wrote a poem for him and Joanna with backup of teenage girls and boys sang a song she had written for him. The teenage girls created a mime drama of the story of his life which was so creative introducing the various characters and incidents in family life.

Finally Elijah a man of few words gave a touching and heartwarming speech thanking various family members for their love and investment in his life most especially to Joel, his best friend in good times and bad times. Elijah is meeting with his relatives to prepare for a place in the traditional family homestead to build his two-room house(one room for his bedroom and the other for his office) as well as land for a chicken shed to begin his life as a farmer. He dreams of fulfilling his ministry as an evangelist as Angus Buchanan the farmer who started the Mighty Men’s Movement has been his hero for early days at new hope centre when angus was international speaker for the Somhlolo Festival of Praise.

Read more about Elijah’s life story and destiny in his autobiography within the book 24 extraordinary children that you can order from this website

Pastor Bob Harper Visits


Pastor Bob Harper brought a small team of his church family to visit during these last school holidays. They were here for just over a week and what a wonderful time. Pastor Bob led chapel everyday with our kids participating in dramas with him and he met with teenagers each night for discussions in moving forward in life. He brought Jared his worship leader who met for two hours each day with our worship team bringing up the standard. Martha a physical Ed teacher ran classes on fitness and nutrition and helped with gym time each day after lunch. She also ran a sewing class in the afternoon and each kid made an item of clothing from start to finish. Shari came with art classes each morning in our tabernacle that was under such demand we needed a way to multiply time. Donavon was on the roof of our main house with a bunch of teenage volunteers and our two maintenance guys scrubbing the tin roof priming it and painting it. Praise God the product is guaranteed for ten years. That was one huge job. Katie came with them and helped in our admin office and accounts. Auntie Gwen who has been the miracle worker in the production of our two books "a little child will lead them" and hit off the press "24 extraordinary children " which is the story of the first 24 kids in our family written by each child themselves and illustrated with their own meaningful artwork. Gwen ran a writers workshop while also working on preparing the biography for my dad Dr Samuel Hynd.

Joel represented Swaziland at Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem


This is Joel the day he left for the all nations prayer convocation held at Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem . Joel was nominated to represent Swaziland in the Joshua generation track of this convocation with 165 nations represented. He has returned saying this was the best spiritual experience and he wants to pray form you to be able to go in 2014. He joined the All Africa praise and worship team playing the drums. He met up with many people and has invitations to take our new hope praise and worship team to Cape Town South Africa and even to India . He also met up with Alana and Rachael who are now visiting with us. These young ladies are from Australia and had each been volunteers for a number of years at New Hope Centre. He met up with Rachel Spiro an Israeli volunteer who was with us at new hope Centrelast year and met David Katz who has given funds to reace our wooden windows in the main house at New Hope Centre and his daughter maybe coming as a volunteer next year. This is all good and one highlight was Joel and Rachael baptized Alana in the Sea of Galilee. Awesome as the life of Christ unfolds in our lives. We praise god for his investment through real live people into Joel’s life. Joel is now beginning his flying courses at the Matsapha airport near us. This is a big faith step as his courses to become a qualified pilot will need usd10 000 over the next few years as well as flying lessons costing usd150 per hour. May god prove himself faithful through people who want to be part of transforming the life of a destitute abandoned five year old orphan boy into a contributing citizen competent pilot and steadfast man of God.

Conference of Accelerated Christian Schools - Bloemfontein University - South Africa - September 2013



Phillipa Anastasia Ruth and Esther are in South Africa at the university of free state in Bloemfontein where they are with ms Tracie Hynd as their educator. This convention involves high school students from countries all over Africa in ACE(Accelerated Christian Schools). All 4 girls entered in a foursome worship dance while Phillipa and Anastasia did a duet in praise movement. Anastasia entered a poem and we are waiting to see how she did. Phillipa and Esther each entered a short story and all four girls entered in the photographic competition in either scenic or animal or still life categories. Ruth entered into chess but was out in the first round as it was her first ever competition and means we need to practice a lot more chess. Esther entered for checkers and made it through to the finals today. We want to thank ACE for assisting us to enter these girls this year and for faithfully making such an amazing event happen. It truly changes their lives to see so many other talented gifted and believing Christian young people. It helps them know they belong to a marvelous all nations all languages and types family of god. We want to honour and thank the faithful sponsors who make it possible for these girls to grow mature and become good citizens and confident Christian leaders

Ascension Day 2013

Ascension Day: the Day Jesus left before His disciples being taken up into heaven commissioning them to preach the gospel to Judea, Samarai and to the ends of the earth, promising to be with them always, promising to send the Holy Spirit to be their comforter, guide and teacher, promising that he will be seated at the Right hand of the Father interceding for us so that we can do greater things than He was able to do on earth, and promising to prepare our home in glory and to return to come and collect us just as the disciples saw Him leave.

It may be we are the only nation left on earth that has a public holiday to honour this awesome day on the Mount of Olives. Our King may be the only head of state in the world who gathers with his people in the stadium to celebrate the ascension and commissioning of all disciples. For this we rejoice.

We had a special guest with us for these celebrations, Dr Tim Deuler founder of Mango Medical Centre and Mango Foundation in Hawaii. It was great fun to enjoy our celebrations with him. He arrived and on the first day spent the day at the ACTS 2 Community Clinic (the special clinic serving HIV/AIDS infected and affected of the community between Manzini and MAtsapha founded by the vision of my father and launched at the celebration of his 80th birthday when he declared as Caleb did int eh Word of God found in Joshua the first chapter “I am 85 years of age and have the strength I had at age 45, give me that mountain” Dr Samuel Hynd declared “at 80 years of age I have the strength I had at forty so I ask of God, give me this mountain” The mountain he was referring to was the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in Swaziland as he wants to live to see the end of this scourge in our land as he has witnessed the end of typhoid, leprosy and small pox in the 60 years of medical practice in the country.

Ascension day was Thursday, a beautiful sunny day. We hiked up with Dr, on Ascension day the public holiday here, up the mountain with flags and kites in the sunshine and wind, Why? as a celebration that the disciples watched Jesus ascend to the Father promising to send the Holy Spirit to us so we can live a holy life and do greater things than the things Jesus did, to intercede for us, to prepare a place for us and to return one day to collect us. Before we went up the mountain we met in 5 groups to study the last scriptures of the four gospels talking about his commissioning and departure, then one chapter in acts dealing with His departure and the coming Holy Spirit. We had a “hotdog, ketchup and oranges” picnic party. Zechariah’s home made kite was the most successful. Some kids gave up as their kites were too heavy and just not taking off so it was frizbees and soccer. So Dr tim joined us and played soccer and attempted to help even the three little “jewels”, formerly called the triplets, try their best to fly kites. Debrah had a blue and white Israeli flag type kite, Zipporah and a tinkerbell kite and Asher had a dashing red and yellow magnificent kite. These three were the only manufactured ones and had been gifts from friends or sponsors, all the rest were trying to fly our homemade ones made from sticks or grass stalks and black plastic garbage bags..(hilarious) but Zechariash was flying for hours made with grass stalks, Joel tried the same but had included thin wire to make it stronger but the weight cost him the success.

The on the Saturday Dr Tim and 4 kids went with MS Edna to the Hlane game reserve and saw lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, impala, wildebeest etc etc they seemed to have a great day. Sunday he was with us at Church for Mothers Day which had some really fun moments a honouring the mothers then a great message by Apostle Bheki Twala. With all of this he also did physicals for the kids and what a blessing as a few had some needs for attention. Phoebe, Esther and Phillippa did a great job as the doc’s assistants doing the prep and keeping things on track, well trainined in 2011 by Dr Cherry Brandster who also had come for a weeks visit all the way from CAlifornia.

So he left a blessing also of funds raised through his clinic/foundation which will be the blessing enabling us to celebrate Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Spirit with a braai(barbeque) and gifts commemorating the Gift from God and the Son of the Holy Spirit to all men. We will be able to purchase a sweater and takkies (sneakers) for each child in preparation for winter. Glory to God for His faithful provision for all our needs according to His riches in glory, using His beloved children to care for the fatherless in the tine mountain Kingdom of Swaziland. So we are blessed from Hawaii … amazing kindness when we are on the other side of the world.

“Preparing for Passover 2013 and celebrating the Resurrection.”

As we prepare for the annual celebration of the Lord’s deliverance of the Children of Israel from the slavery and bondage of the Egyptian Pharaoh, we have studied why God would tell Moses this was to be remembered annually as a Feast of the Lord, a holy convocation. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob wanted to show the Egyptians their hope was misplaced in the creation and not the creator, as they worshipped many things. They worshipped for example, the River Nile that brought water and alluvial soil. They considered the River their source instead of placing their trust in the creator of the River, the seasons, the rains and the floods that prepared their fertile fields. This is why the daughter of Pharoah was at the river the morning she and her handmaidens found baby Moses. They were there to worship not to bath. In the time of deliverance 80 years God told Moses that by the time the Children of Israel received the Pharaoh’s permission to leave to go and worship Him, Egypt would know the God of heaven and earth was Jehovah, Yaweh. Each of the plagues demonstrated the fallacy of their trust in these gods of Egypt. From the time when Moses’ rod turned into a snake and ate the Egyptian snakes, to the death of the first born, who was the hope of the next generation since the eldest son of Pharoah was to take his place and the Pharoahs were worshipped as gods in the land; God was demonstrating that their trust was misplaced. God was also showing the Children of Israel that putting their trust in Him, being on the Lord’s side meant that He could and would accomplish wonders for their sake. The challenge of the snakes was related to the crown of Pharaoh as his emblem or totem was the cobra snake and worn on his headdress or crown. The deliverance of the Israelites however required TRUST and OBEDIENCE. God told Moses to tell the people to take a lamb on the 10th day of the first month, a lamb without blemish, injury, or disease and keep it in the house for 4 days to determine is was truly fine. Then on the 14th day the lamb was to be killed, its blood smeared on the two sides of the doors and on the lintel or the top of the door, then they were to roast the lamb and eat it, burning any leftovers on the fire. This obedience showed God they had put their trust in Him, they were ready to trust and obey. Anyone whether they were Hebrew or Egyptian or even a foreigner in the land could enter into the promise by trusting and obeying the instruction. Those who obeyed did not suffer the death as the angel of death passed over the homes of the families with the blood of the lamb smeared on the doorposts and lintel.
We looked at how God used the very same pattern when He sent Jesus as the deliverer of the whole world. Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey on the 10th day of the month. Jesus spent the next four days teaching in the Temple in Jerusalem. This was the representation of the four days of inspection. The people, the priests, the elders and God the Father could inspect if He was teaching what was pure, holy and full of God’s wisdom, love, mercy and salvation. Jesus passed the test from God’s point of view but the chief priests had other plans. Jesus, the Lamb of God died at the very same moment that all the lambs in the temple were slaughtered for the Passover of that year. The Temple curtain was ripped from top to bottom, opening the Holy of Holies and bringing an end to one and a new era was ushered in. This is worth celebrating. The God of Heaven and Earth intervened once more to save and deliverer anyone from the hand of slavery and bondage and shame to the world and the prince of this world. Just as he used the blood of the lamb in Egypt to deliver the children of Israel from the bondage, shame and slavery of Egypt. As we trust and obey what God says to the nations, and to us as individuals “confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, and you will be saved” Eternal life begins that moment.

We also considered the two sides of obey. We can obey out of fear or we can obey out of love. We looked at the ancient Egypt. People had become conditioned to obey out of fear of the heavy hand of the Egyptians. We understand this because not long after being free and entering the desert place when Pharaoh changed his mind and chased after them, they grumbled and complained to Moses that he had brought them out into the desert to die. They feared the Pharaoh. Pharaoh also responded in fear, fear of what would happen to Egypt without the intelligence and the hard work of their slaves. So in his fear he changed his mind because he followed the ways of his god, who is a liar, a deceiver and not to be trusted. Moses stood firm as Moses had learned to obey and trust His God because He loved this amazing God, Jehovah. He trusted God that even when there seemed to be no way, there was always a way. We know this as Paul wrote in the new Testament “All things are possible in Christ Jesus.”

So we “Waited upon the Lord” on Saturday morning and God revealed some interesting things in our hearts. One child discovered that he was obeying God because he wanted to avoid hell. He realized that he was motivated by fear of punishment not by love. He was able to thank God that he was at step one, as the Bible tells us the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. SO this teenager rejoiced in being at step one and he asked God to complete the work of wisdom, trust and love in his heart. Another one discovered in her heart that she had passed the test of loving God and this brought her into a realm of freedom in life. She saw herself in beauty, in freedom and that she would be recognized as a heavenly being dressed in a physical body. Another teenage boy saw his freedom to fly like an eagle with one wing of trust carrying him and the other wing of obedience carrying him. Zadok had a vision of the components of revelation. See his scanned artwork and ask the Lord to reveal to you the message composed in this revelation to bring yourself into a new level of rejoicing in the celebration of Passover, the passing over of our sin, disease, and death as we cover ourselves in blood of Jesus the Lamb of God by trusting and believing in the miracle of the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the Lamb of God and the King of Kings.

Road Work - July 2013

New Hope Centre is high on the Bethany Mountain overlooking the Swaziland Military Headquarters, the Soon to be built Science and Technology Park, Summerfield Botanical Gardens and in the distance the Matsapha International Airport runway. A beautiful view in the day and at night. The down side of our picturesque location is the roadway up the steep incline. Six years ago a Scottish volunteer made friends with a Scottish Engineer, and his family, who worked for the local Road construction company called Inyatsi. We had approached them to give us a quotation on paving the road all the way up from the clinic to New Hope Centre. Well the quote nearly knocked us over as it was equivalent to building a Children’s Home for 30 kids, so that was out of the question. They did however offer to make the road workable and to maintain it for us. The work they did has lasted about 6 years but the last years rains finished it off. The upper corner as you approach the centre became a labyrinth of “dongas” as we call them, erosion ditches several feet deep making it really dangerous and impassable by car or truck. Just at that time Natie Kirsch, a Jewish business man whose children went to school here in Swaziland with Elizabeth, visited and commented that we had to do something about the road. Not only did he comment but he took action and sent us funds to improve or repair the road. This photo is phase one. It is the view from the front gate of New Hope Centre and shows the whole eroded and dangerous area is paved with concrete, safe and durable. We are thrilled.

We are now working on the remaining 650 meters to be done in two further phases. Soon all visitors will be able to come up without fearing damage to their vehicles. We had some Scottish students from Inverness visit on Saturday brining beautiful hand knitted sweaters for the children but they had to walk all the way up the hill as they did not believe their rental cars would manage as they had low wheel bases.

So we share this good news with you and we hope by the end of the winter before the rainy season begins again the road will be completed for continuity and safety. We bless the Kirsch family for their kindness and generosity towards us believing in the future leaders of this nation

October 2012: Swimming Pool Nearing Completion

Men working on the training pool

Peace (the Labrador) is checking out the toddler pool under construction

October 2012: Welcoming Tobi into the world

Rose is Phoebe’s jersey dairy cow and she gave birth to her first baby girl on Saturday afternoon. Phoebe has called her Tobi and she is tiny and brown and beautiful. Praise be to God he is still in the business of creating and recreating, multiplying and covering the earth with life and liveliness.

Happy mom (Rose) giving Tobi a love caress

Tobi with proud Dad (Morning Star)


In the early days of New Hope Centre’s preparations as the Nelspruit Timber Company were putting up the Main House for the under twelve children, a man drove up to the gate in jeep. He jumped out and asked if we would like the Olympic Swim committee to sponsor training 4 of our staff members to coach children in Swimming. He also had arranged that our children could train at the Royal Swazi Hot Springs called the Cuddle Puddle in the early mornings before most clients started to come out for their exercise. This was wonderful as not many Swazi children have the opportunity to train in swimming as pools are expensive, and trained coaches are few. Andile Gamedze was one of the four who has stayed with us through these years.

In two weeks’ time gracious folk from Pretoria will be coming down with materials, equipment and skilled manpower to complete the training pool. It is small but will be adequate for our needs for training and practice. We hope to have a thermal blanket to keep the water warm, to have fast lane jets so that the pool will work like a treadmill, the water will move and the swimmer will train against the speed of the water. This will mean kids can practice daily and really develop their skills.

Yesterday (September 23, 2012) six of the swimmers who have qualified for the National Swazi Swim team were up at 4am to catch transport bus at 545am to Nelspruit 3 hours away for the TRI-NATIONS SWIM GALA. They had only trained for two days but they were able to swim their registered races. They came home at 8pm tired, hungry and happy. They won no medals but they had made the qualifying times for the next meet to be held next month. If they make it through that Tri-Nations they will be flying to Zambia for the Southern African Meets before the end of the year.

We are so proud of Joanna, Phillippa, Noah, Elijah, James and John. We hope by the end of this swim season more of the family will have qualified to represent Swaziland and shine for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you to all who have prayed for these kids, supported them and encouraged them until now and we hope all will continue and others will come on board to help make these formally destitute children to become national heroes.


Today September 10th 2012 is a historic day for New Hope Centre. If anyone has ever driven up to New Hope Centre you will notice our sign stating all the ministries involved at NEW Hope Centre includes THE COMPUTER SCHOOL. This sign was put up in March 2004 when we had the official opening. From that day forward it has been a prophetic declaration that God will bring the school to pass. We need it for our own children to be computer literate and be able to function in the world as it fast hurdles into the cyberspace technology and it is imperative that we help our neighbours become computer literate so they can begin to enter the modern job market. So many in our community are jobless and hopeless. So today is a day of celebration as God has been faithful, the prophetic is now a reality.

Natie and Frances Kirsh are precious folks in Swaziland. I was in primary school with their daughter Wendy, and so we were friends. Natie Kirsh, her father, came to Swaziland and started from nothing the Swaziland Milling grinding corn to make Mielie Meal as corn meal is called here. Natie took Swazi citizenship and remains a Swazi to this day. Natie is now a successful international entrepreneur; however he retains a lively interest in Swaziland: he is an adviser to His Majesty King Mswati III, and he he has started and funds two major charitable initiatives. The first is Inhlanyelo (means “seed” in SiSwati) Fund that is a charity-based micro-lending scheme that has assisted in the start up of over 10,000 businesses, mainly amongst rural women; and the second is the Computer Education Trust (CET) that has computerized all of Swaziland’s state high schools. It is so prophetic because the Word of God says that His chosen people are a blessing to all nations and truly Natie and Frances are a blessing to many nations , they also are providers of many many peoples jobs so they are a fountain of hope for many by providing opportunities for work. Through CET they have assisted 100s of 1000s of Swazi children to be internationally marketable in the job market as they have become computer literate.

Today at 1030 Nhlanhla and Lindiwe arrived in a bakkie(small van) loaded with 25 refurbished computers and they proceeded to install them into the two rooms we built upstairs in the Hope Academy. We put the computer labs upstairs to make it a little more difficult to steal such equipment. The team of kids had worked to prepare the place, the maintenance team had drilled holes in the benches etc so that the cables will hang down as they should safely. What excitement! Some of the girls went off to make thank you cards to give George Lys who represents the Trust in Swaziland and to Natie and Frances.
The excitement is high as we start the third term of the school year. We have hired a young lady teacher for the computer labs again God is good as she started with us one month ago and so she will be ready to move forward with the new computers. There are a couple programmes we need to add for the ACE(Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum we use but all is well. Now we need your prayers for the safety of these computers since Dr Samuel Hynd lost 5 computers out of 8 from the ACTS II CLINIC (AIDS Care Training and Support) one night in early September.

George List, the happy representative as the project of 25 reconstructed computers are set up in the Hope Academy for students

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord" - September 2012

Today I was reminded several times that God has a plan for each of His children. My day started with hearing the beautiful testimony of a young visitor of mine from New Hope Centre in Swaziland, Africa. She & one of the long term volunteers from these children’s home were given an amazing opportunity to travel to Cambodia to learn more about some of the work being done here. They are particularly interested in the different approaches of NGO’s in the care of victims of the sex trade and how God is moving in this country. They both shared their testimonies at Bloom Cafe and both have amazing stories of God’s transforming power but I was particularly touched by Joanna’s testimony.

Joanna is about fourteen years old and comes from a very dark background. She courageously shared her story with about forty strangers today. She spoke of how difficult it was growing up and how it was hard to trust others. She told us how she felt like she was a nobody without purpose. But she boldly encouraged everyone with Jeremiah 29:11 that states, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, plans to give you a future and a hope." She told us about how God is now working in her and through her and the different gifts he has placed in her to use for His Kingdom. She shared how she now knows she was created as somebody special, with a purpose and that God loves her and has great plans for her life. WOW! I was so touched by this young woman’s ability to trust in the Lord.

This evening, the three of us went aerobic dancing near the Independence Monument and four street kids came up to us begging. They were all filthy wearing ratted clothes and no shoes. I began to ask the children questions & the oldest child Panha, would answer me. I started to ask Panha questions and (assuming Panha was a boy because "he" was dressed in boy’s clothes and had short hair) asked if "he" knew of the boy’s center near the river front which is a safe place for street kids where they can go to hang out and learn English. Panha responded, "I’m not a boy. I just cut my hair and dress like a boy to avoid getting raped while I’m out on the streets begging. It’s not safe."

My heart just about melted, though it explained the softness in her beautiful eyes. Panha too, is near Joanna’s age. She was thirteen, without parents and responsible for earning money to take back home to her Aunt who sells water and makes about $0.50 a day. Panha is like many other children in this world who probably feel invisible most of the time. But there was something special about this child, she was not invisible to me and I know she is not invisible to God who loves her and created her with a purpose. There is something sacred and beautiful about each person, especially about a child in their innocence. It is so important to speak life & truth into people’s lives, to remind them that they have been created on purpose & with a purpose. Thank you Joanna, for reminding me of that today. Please, join me in praying for Panha that God would protect her & provide for her, so that she too, can walk in the fullness of all that she has been created to be. Amen.

Miss Tracie, Phoebe and Anastasia Travel to California 2012


On July 11, 2012 Miss Tracie, Phoebe and Anastasia arrived at LAX in Los Angeles, California for a whirlwind trip full of ministry and blessing. After a day of recovery they went to Disneyland for a day of fun and play.

Then their times of ministry began. They had the precious opportunity to share in dance, story, prayer and games with a group of underprivileged children in Victoria Park. The park used to be overrun by drug dealers, but now has become a church for the poor. The girls danced with flags then invited the people to come forward for prayer. They came without any hesitation. Tears flowed and lives were changed, parents and kids alike.

Their next destination was Oak Valley Church in Calimesa where they performed at all of their three church services. The response was over-whelming. The Spirit of God fell and people rose to their feet praising God with shouts of heart felt adoration and worship. Nine new sponsors came forward along with new prayers for New Hope Centre. The love of these people was generous, warm and sweet. They were also given the opportunity to minister at the large Calvary Chapel in Redlands for the Youth Group. So many of the kids came up afterwards to tell the girls what a great inspiration they had been to them. It was not hard to see that the love of God comes thru the same Spirit no matter the cultural differences. They were able to relate across any lines the world may draw.

Though their plates were full with ministry opportunities (They also danced at the Ventura Vineyard), the rest of their time was not without varied experiences. They were taken on a VIP tour of C. R. Laurence (the world’s largest supplier of materials to the glass industry). It may be possible that this contact might be a springboard for a micro industry at New Hope Centre. They also visited Big Bear Lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Santa Monica Beach and attended the International Worship Symposium in Pasadena. The trip was full of the miracles and blessings of God and they return home full of new vision, insights and even more determination to set Africa ablaze with the power of God.


Women with a heart: Two beautiful young women with a heart for prostitutes and the gospel have an amazing opportunity in Cambodia.

Joanna Abraham ( 13 year old girl child from New Hope Centre) and Rachael Holt ( Volunteer at New Hope Centre) have been invited to learn from and join a ministry to street girls and prostitutes in Cambodia in August of 2012. The girls both have a real passion for ministry and worship. They believe in the power of the living God to transform lives.
The focus of the trip will be to learn from The Daughters of Cambodia ministry and bring back relevant skills to teach and implement back home.

The girls are going completely by faith, believing for God’s provision. With great anticipation and excitement the girls are praying towards and preparing themselves for a life-changing ministry trip. If you would like to assist Joanna and Rachael reach and minister in Cambodia please email newhope@swazi.net with the key words ‘Cambodia Ministry Trip.’ May the Lord bless you and complete the work He has started in you!

Shalom Shalom .

Joanna and Rachael.
Joanna is in grade 7 at Hope Academy and is a worship leader with a heart for the presence of God. Rachael has coordinated the Children’s Ministry Department since 2008, arriving at New Hope in 2006, she has a passion for the Word of God and seeing His power in action to bring life and restoration..

Update: God has provided support for the girls’ mission to Cambodia. Joanna was supported through the Oak Valley Church in California, and Rachael through an account she had saved since her childhood. They have been to Cambodia and ministered and learned, and have now returned home to Swaziland. A report will follow.

April 2012: Dr Ellyn Marsh from Oklahoma, USA on “Caring for yourself”

School holidays began a week ago and we are having such fun thanks to a volunteer from Israel who has organized all kinds of activities for us including a workshop to day with Dr Ellyn Marsh from Oklahoma, USA. She is a Family Counsellor and she did two sessions with the teenagers: “Caring for yourself” which included about our food, water, exercise, sleep, boundaries and thoughts. Then another session about Healthy Relationships talking about people who “shame and blame” and people who “build and trust” This helped us all so much to think about our thoughts and actions, our attitudes and choices. We feel it will help us as we grow and mature, so that we do not continue with the bad things but work through our stuff with a trusted friend or the Holy Ghost so that we can be healthy and free and happy in life. Happy people do not always have the best of everything but they make choices that make the best of everything.

So we are so thankful that at a young age we can be given the wisdom to take the road of wisdom.

December 2011: Asher’s cow has a baby girl calf

Emmanuel God with us!. Last night a baby girl calf was born to “Kindness” that is Asher’s cow and we are calling her Emmanuella as we really needed God with us for this delivery. Joel, Elijah, Asher and Ms Rachael had to pray and pull while mummy kindness had to rest and push. The little hoofs came out but the baby was fat and healthy so it was touch and go and only as all the children and others around the world whom we contacted by facebook and email began praying did little Emmanuella come through. Today she is gently and quietly snuzzling beside her mummy and timidly checking out the world outside. This means Kindness will be ready for milking once again and we may be able to begin providing milk to the community again. We are praying for God to provide us with a portable milking machine and cooler so we can process the milk directly without the handmilking each day, a good learning process for our young ones who want to be farmers. Swaziland is still an agricultural nation and so it is important for our children to work with the soil in the vegetable garden and to work with the cows, chickens and we hope soon to add sheep. If you wish to help us please check the page on how to give through Hope For the Nations(Canada, USA and UK).

Mango Medical Supports New Hope Centre

Mango Medical in Hawaii pledges support for NHC http://www.mangomed.org/. We thank them for their generous support.

Celebrating Shabat Swazi style on the last day of October 2011

Today six children and 4 team members went early in the morning to the national juvenile prison to vist as jesus commanded in Matthew 25 that we are to visit those who are sick or in prison because then we are visiting Him. So early this morning the team left after practicing dramas nad preparing games all week. They stopped by the King Pie to collect some pies for everyone and some cool drinks then off to the Juvenile prison about 20 minutes to the west of our home. They had a time of songs and music, drama nad Phoebe for the first time preached the Word and when they asked who wanted to invite Jesus into their hearts to live and reign 45 of the 67 came for prayer. Hallelujah. They then had the snacks and had a time of fun and games. What a joy and what a way to celebrate the SHabat.

Twenty other children went to the First level swim gala the first one of the swim season in our nation. So we will soon have reports of their medals and awards.

We are now having a quick lunch then going out to the community to distribute two bakkie loads of cabbages we had donated this morning, so we are able to be a blessing to the families in the entire community. What a life of living on Bethany Mountain, the place named after Jesus favourite place to hang out with His friends on the outskirts of Jerusalem , the place of DATES

Orphans from Around Swaziland Visit National Church at Lobamba - July 2011

Twenty four New Hope Centre Children with a team of volunteers from Ohio and our own New Hope Centre staff are at the National Church at Lobamba next to the Kingdom of Swaziland Parliament Houses preparing for the arrival of 120 orphaned of primary school age from 40 schools around the country. Our children have visited all the schools in the past month presenting a drama of the love of God through the truth of the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible how God is a loving father waiting eagerly for us to turn to Him for love, healing , hope and success in life. Now these children are coming from all around the country in our two small buses that left New Hope Centre at 6am and will be returning with children during the day. The camp is a psychosocial camp with the objective of helping these children face their challenges in life and work through the grief, loss, despair and anger of being abandoned through the death of their parents. They will be riding horses to face the fear of a big animal with big teeth, they will playing sports and making dramas to build confidence in their own abilities and they will work through the HERO BOOK which takes them through the eh road of their life, the tree of life, the monster they fear and their hero. Please pray the weather is dry and warm and that our children are able to love and help these other children who have also suffered the same losses and set backs in life so that when they return home next Sunday they will be ready for the rest of their lives with hope and strength, creativity and courage.

Miss Rachel’s Parents Visit

Celebrating the Ascension of Jesus Christ

June 2nd is a public holiday in the Kingdom of Swaziland celebrating the Ascension of Jesus Christ from the Mount of Olives near Bethany in Israel. In the Luke chapter 24 from verse 45 we read of Jesus walking out with the disciples to Bethany discussing that it was good for them that he was to return to the Father in Heaven because then the Holy Spirit, the comforter, counselor would be sent to them from on high and they were to wait in Jerusalem for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We see in Revelations 1:7 that not only did Jesus ascend to the Father but it is written and he has promised to return in the sky and every eye shall see him. So today we “waited upon the Lord” as we meditated on the delight of the disciples as they saw him leave and they gazed up to heaven knowing that if He said it was good for them that he go to the father then they would trust and wait expectantly for the Promise of the Holy Spirit that would be good for them. As we “waited upon the Lord” God brought to the mind of Ms Junior one of our educators from Zimbabawe the verses from John and many of the children saw in the spirit realm and drew pictures of what came into their mind’s eye.


To celebrate we then climbed to the top of the Bethany Mountain where New Hope Centre is situated, a beautiful view over the central part of our nation. The night before our teenage boys, Travis a university student from Pelham in Canada, Ms Alana from Australia, and Ms Tracie our Children’s Development Co-ordinator had made kites from green plastic garbage bags. SO the children had a blast flying kites “up in the atmosphere up where the air is clear”(Mary Poppins) as a fun prophetic way of celebrating how the disciples were left gazing up into the atmosphere as their beloved Master, teacher and friend ascended into the heavens and how we will in awesome wonder and delight watch His return on that awesome day when the dead will come alive and the living will rise up or ascend to meet our Beloved Saviour and King in the air. What a wonder and what unusual events these will be. Just as the disciples could watch him leave and be delighted because what he said will happen so we can be in animated delight expectantly trusting and anticipating the amazing event of His return in the clouds.


I wonder if CNN, BBC, or Fox News will be in existence to cover the event globally as they covered the Royal Wedding from London. What an amazing thought. But is it written in God’s Word, so it will come to pass.”

April 2012 - Tirzah’s Vision for Medical Service

Tirzah is our third eldest daughter and for those who have read our first book called “A little child will lead them” or for those who attended Pelham community Church a few years ago when I shared her sad story, you will be excited to read what God is doing in her life.

Today we sent Ms Rachael Holt (our children’s Ministry Co-coordinator from Australia) with Tirzah, Zipporah, Debrah, Asher and Seth to the homesteads of Tirzah Zipporaha andd Asher, far in the mountains of Northern Swaziland, to share the Word of God. Tirzah wants her family to be sure they are saved before the end times. They also went to the chief in the area to begin the negotiations for the Hospital Tirzah wants to build in the area called CALVARY HOSPITAL. The Lord showed her a 35 bed hospital with a 30 bed children’s ward and surgery theatre etc. And He showed her it will be called Calvary…so she went to request land from the chief today. Now we have to pray and work towards raising the funds to build the hospital. Annie Cheung, one of our team from Hong Kong, China, has a contact man in Hong Kong whose dream it was to raise funds to build a hospital. This man may be the key to supplying the need. The Chief was jubilant today to hear that she had this dream and so we have to work on getting the land ASAP.

We will need to get the Government to approve the building of the hospital but if the chief is for us, there will be no difficulties. So the next step will be to secure the funds to build the place.

Another miracle in Tirzah’s life came through this week. Tirzah will be turning 18 later this year and we have been praying about her schooling as she believes God has called her to be a medical Doctor. Medical schools are competitive and we felt we were not providing the adequate preparation she will need at Hope Academy. SO a couple weeks ago we visited a brand new school called Kobe International Advanced Learning Academy established by a Swazi Jewish Believer. She was offered a place and we prayed for the funds as it will cost tuition, uniforms and transport daily. We prayed and approached her sister’s sponsor in the USA, who is a teacher herself, to ask for prayer and assistance in finding sponsors to help fund this need. Amazingly the sponsor was willing and able to provide all the funds for this first year. This is wonderful proof that this young lady is walking in the will and favour of God. It is our prayer that as you read this, you will be touched to support Tirzah in preparing herself for a long road of education, to prepare her to be a medical doctor in a part of the country that has no health care facilities. Tirzah before she turned 11 years of age had cared for 13 people dying of TB and HIV and other related diseases. She will need finance and support for the next 4 years of high school and then 6 years of medical school. A long road but God is there and He will touch the hearts and lives of those who will invest in an orphan girls dream, calling and vision. Others may be touched to begin raising the funds to build and establish this cottage mountain hospital in the Northern Mountains of Swaziland the smallest country in Africa.




Just after 11am when the children were on break from school Noah had gone up to the cowshed to check on the cows and then came running to the office with tragic news MARVELOUS MARTHA, his beautiful and beloved jersey cow had slipped and fallen doing the splits and was not able to get up. We rushed to see what had happened and through someone’s negligence this cow had slipped and fallen so badly it looked like she had broken both hips and was helpless on the ground. We first helped comfort her and give her some water then tried phoning the agricultural centre veterinary services to get advice. We called around to many of the vets we know and finally during lunch hour we found Dr Tsonga a lady vet in Mbabane who advised we try to lift the cow with two poles under her armpits and in front of her back legs to assist her to stand. If she could stand then there was hope but if once we had her up she collapsed on her feet then probably our only option was to shoot her dead. We tried with all our men and big boys and managed to lift her but when we removed the supporting poles she collapsed again. We then talked with another vet about her being pregnant and maybe we could save the baby calf even if we lost the life of MARVELOUS MARTHA. The story from there is too tragic to share but we lost both the mother and the baby calf who was well formed with little white hoofs and little udders showing she was a baby girl.

MARVELOUS MARTHA was our best milking cow, she gave the largest supply of milk daily and she was the one who gave us the first baby calf born at New Hope Centre, her name is SUNSHINE and Sunshine gave birth to another beautiful calf called GLORY earlier this year.

We hope to send you some photos of Marvelous Martha and Noah saying goodbye to each other. After all was done on Thursday night MS Rachael said all the 8 cows gathered around her little house with their faces towards her door on the patio. She was able to try to talk to them and comfort them as she prayed over them. We awoke on Friday morning with not only the children and staff grieving and in shock but Morning Star our young bull and daddy to the three young calves was in front of the Tabernacle standing over two of the young calves protectively guarding them and showing them his strength and presence. He then went to SUNSHINE who was resting on the ground nearby, her face wet with tears and he first licked her face, bellowing softly then he laid down beside her with his head on her back just being present for her for the longest time. Later on Friday night Morning Star, his mother and her new calf, his son were sleeping on the ground making a small circle of love and comfort. God’s marvelous creations have such understanding and have shown comfort to one another in such gentleness and grace. We are truly humbled but still in shock and dismay that through negligence so much suffering can be inflicted and it is hard to know how to explain and comfort the remaining 8 cows as they are displaying a lack of trust towards or affection towards all of us.

While we met at the cowshed to deliberate on plans how to prevent further problems, the cows came into the shed and surrounded the area where MARVELLOUS MARTHA had died and they hung their heads low to the ground for the longest time just standing in mourning and farewell. I had seen elephants do this in the past but I had never seen cows grieve and mourn or farewell a family member as happened in this case. May God have mercy on us and the many sufferings we humans cause one another and Gods creation.

To work through the heart ache ourselves we spent time studying God’s word focusing on Hebrews where it speaks that” it is appointed for man once to die.” We talked about Genesis 4 where God tells Noah and his family after the flood that they may eat of the flesh of the animals(without the life blood) where before they had only eaten of the herbs. So we talked of life and death, of animals lives being given for us to have food and strength, and then about how the tragedy of mistakes, accidents and sickness take life before its time. On Saturday morning as we waited on the Lord together we studied and meditated on Job 38 where God asks him questions about all of creation. This brought such comfort and security that the all wise, the all knowing, the all powerful and all loving God is our Father and is well able to protect, comfort and be there for us at all times and all places.

Noah would very much like to replace Marvelous Martha with another thoroughbred Jersey calf. So if anyone would like to help please click on the book page where you will find a paypal button to give towards his replacement cow and send us an email to inform us that this is the amount you are giving for Noah’s new calf.

The family would very much like to prevent another tragedy and to do so we need to install a stronger fence that cannot be trodden down by the cows because the wooden poles that supported the fence had been eaten away by ants and were easy to knock over. To put in a 1.8meter high fence with steel poles and drops will cost us E22 000 or USD 3500. SO if anyone would like to help us prevent another needless loss of life please go to the book page and click on the paypal button for your gift then email us that you are contributing the given amount towards the cowshed fence replacement.

In the event you wish to obtain a tax receipt for your gift towards replacing Noah’s cow or towards the fence or if you want to help us develop the dairy project further for example we need a milk cooler, a pasteurizer and a portable milking machine you may send a cheque made out to Hope for the Nations Canada, USA or UK and mail it as you will see on our webpage for gifts.



An Update on Zipporah

Zipporah has been with us for several years and we have tried many things to help this child. Her ears, nose and throat have been a problem so she could not hear very well and we discovered that the ear pressure was so diminished from the swellings inside that the ear drum was pressed against the ear bones and you could see the imprint of the bones on the outer drum. She had trouble speaking and so was difficult to understand. The worst was her struggle to breathe at night. I would pray over her at night as she strained to get the air into her air passages, wracking her whole body. I wonder if she ever had a good night’s rest with the fight she had to get oxygen into her body, so I even wonder if she suffered an oxygen deficit making it hard for her in school. We tried we took her to doctors in Swaziland and in South Africa who tested her hearing and said it was fine, who felt it was allergy induced problem so we had various sprays and puffs to try, none of which worked. Finally Dr Roger Paholka and his team of medical students arrived and I asked them for help to find how to get help. Zipporah’s sponsors in the USA had promised that if I found the help she needed they would be willing to pay for whatever surgery it would entail. SO we have managed the first step. Dr Roger and a student took her through to Nelspruit (Near Kruger Park in South Africa) and they saw an Ear Nose and throat specialist, Dr Smook who immediately scheduled surgery a week later and her sponsors immediately made efforts to wire the funds to pay for the surgery. I went through a week later with Katy Paholka and Zipporah and Tirzah.

The operation was a great success and even as she came out of recovery and had not awakened I was rejoicing over the difference already in her breathing. She did not have to stay in hospital so we stayed the night with Heather Stephens a missionary from Canada working with Orphans in Nelspruit. I was so humbled and so overjoyed to watch Zipporah sleep peacefully that night, I had to go and check her several times for the sheer joy of watching her sleep peacefully. You will see from the two photos...the first before surgery as we waited in the hospital and the second at home a few days later. The kids are all talking about how even her voice sounds different. Praise God for the loving kindness of all involved, the Doctors, the nurses, Kate and Roger, Heather and Beth and Bob Kuzmick far away in USA who have never met this child and yet their hearts are moved to invest in the life of a child who was the last of her family, who watched 13 members die being cared for by her sister who is 2 years older than her, Tirzah. The world certainly has heroes who have sensitive hearts and faithful actions to make a difference in one life at a time.

Glory to God. She may need further surgery but this start is wonderful. We go back to the surgeon in two weeks time.

Phoebe is another child who needs a sponsor to help her with major dental and jaw bone issues if anyone is would like to know more details please email us if you’d like to pray and/ or provide for her care.

Resurrection Sunday 2011

Passover, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of our Lord is a foundational celebration in our nation and for us as a family at New Hope Centre. We begin each year with a celebration on Psalm Sunday as Jesus entered Jerusalem with palm leaves waving and grounds greeting him with joyous hosannas. Then on Thursday night we celebrate the SEDER PASSOVER supper just as Jesus and his disciples would have done on that historic week 2000 years ago. We wash our hands in water assisting one another with the basin and the towel (this is Swazi custom for any guests in any home) then w e eat the lamb, bitter herbs, the unleavened bread and have as much fun preparing it all before hand. This year our teenage boys barbequed or as we say “braai” the lamb chops which we bought from the Swaziland Meat wholesalers owned by a Jewish Israeli family in Swaziland so that makes it even more meaningful. A team of children and the teachers prepared 500 flat unleavened bread (pancakes-crepes) and the teenage girls prepared the decorations of the Tabernacle, the tables and each plate. All the children celebrated with a praise dance to the song from Prince of Egypt that Miriam sings about deliverance, and we have a great time watching and cheering them on in this family dance (plan to come next year and join us, it is unforgettable). Friday we spend meditating on the seven wounds of Christ and the power of His shed blood to change our lives and then we go up the mountain to pray for our nation and for Israel. Saturday we spend the morning meditating on the 15 Stations of the Cross and it is such a delight to see Miriam, Jesse, Joel, Debrah, Tirzah, and Esther volunteering to lead the meditations for all the family. The uncles set up the stations with a jug of water and cup at each place so we don’t get dehydrated out in the sun. Lunch is always a great party as we celebrate the victory of Jesus when he took the keys of Death and Hades from Satan. This year Ms Rachael’s parents and her aunt were visiting from Australia and they provided the goodies together with Auntie Mollie who was once Dr Samuel Hynd(my father’s) clinic nurse and made a fresh chocolate cake, icing and all for 49 children (Annah had come to join us for the festivities)

Sunday we join the nation at the National stadium and we have some photo shots of us all(myself, Jemimah and Tabitha close up) at the stadium listening to the messages of the seven revelations of Christ that He was risen and alive from the dead, followed by a USA prophet who prophesied that Swaziland has been faithful to take the Word of God and not the coin of materialism and like Solomon this has shown that the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of wisdom has been our national choice, His Majesty King Mswati III has written GOD IS OUR SOURCE on our paper money in obedience to God’s prompting in the Kings heart. SO Prophet Jordan said now God is going to make this small nation mighty, our currency is going to be the strongest in Africa, our economy is going to be solid in the time of recession and the nations will be coming here to seek out the secret to the success of less than a million people. This certainly was great news, May the Lords will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

His Majesty the King preached enthusiastically as He gave thanks to God for the peace in the nation in spite of the plans and moneys and weapons that were prepared to take us into chaos. He rejoiced in the fact when the plans were afoot to destroy our unity and peace, the nation came together for a week of prayer and fasting, the Lord heard our prayers and delivered us into peace. Many of you may have seen chaos on your tv screens that allegedly happened in Swaziland but for us it was even more peaceful on April 12 day than it is on a regular Sunday. All was quiet, no buses, and no hustle and bustle, somewhat like a Sabbath day in Jerusalem. His Majesty encouraged every one of us present to share the good news of what God has done and encourage everyone we encounter by sharing that the Lord God Jehovah is not deaf, is not dead but well able to live in our midst, hear our cries and deliver us from evil. It truly was a great day.



February 2011 - New Life at New Hope - Calves are born

Asher, who looks after his dear cow called Kindness, is happy to report the birth of Rose of Sharon.



Japanese Opening of the Teenage House, Thursday September 9th, 2010

We are so thankful on this day of the 9th September, 2010 for the blessing we have received from the people of Japan , through the Grassroots Project and for their investment in the mission of “orphans today...leaders tomorrow”. This is our commitment to the children and the nation of Swaziland to grow up children who are confident Biblically grounded leaders of tomorrow, who know themselves, their God and their destiny in life..

As we celebrate today the Teenage House I am mindful of three young men who became leaders of the nation of Israel, in fact they were the first three kings of the nation. The first was Saul, a young man with everything going for him, good looking, taller by head and shoulders than other people, raised in a normal family with mother and father and brothers. A respectable home as his father was a warrior. In many ways he represents the ordinary child from an ordinary but good home and he was a helpful and obedient son to his father Kish, of the tribe of Benjamin. This young man had everything going for him but his bright start as a young king ended sadly in suicide. We will come back to his story shortly. The second young man was David, also from a good family of the tribe of Judah, the son of Jesse. But this young man was rejected and abandoned by his family to be the herdsman of his father’s sheep out in the wilderness. History tells us that when the prophet Samuel came to their home and asked Jesse to bring forth his sons so that he could anoint God’s chosen to be king, his father never even thought of David out there in the wilderness sleeping in caves, under stress and eating locusts, bugs, and berries. Does this sound familiar to some of the stories we hear these days in Swaziland? There are hundred’s of orphan children out here who are tending their family cattle or even a strangers cattle, living on bugs, frogs and berries. But this young man had a great story. His beginnings were challenging, deprived of comforts and family love but his ending was triumphant and he died having accomplished his purpose and destiny, he had united all of Israel as a nation and have established the land of the nation to the very borders that God had promised Father Abraham. We will pick up his story again in a little while. The third young man is Solomon, the third king of Israel and one of David’s sons. Solomon had everything, he grew up in a palace, had a tremendous father who was a friend of God’s and he was given a Kingdom that was established and prosperous. The wealth and the peace of the nation of Israel at that time was renowned in all the world.

How do these three young men relate to the young men here at New Hope Centre. Many look at orphans and see no hope for them, people feel sorry for them and have pity on them, some people scorn them as they are fatherless, they may not even know their heritage, their chief or their home area. But God says He himself becomes the Father to the fatherless and the husband to the widow. Our story of Saul demonstrates the possible outcome of a child raised in an ordinary family with everything going for him. Family, inheritance, parents love and training, parents reputation and blessings but we may still miss it as did King Saul. King Saul for all the things going for him lacked confidence. He sought his confidence from witches and even sought counsel from the dead prophet Samuel even though the scriptures forbid communication with the dead. This young King had a problem of confidence in who he was and what his destiny was even though he had everything going for him, this lead to jealousy to the extent that he spent the last years of his life chasing the young man David, to kill him and remove competition in the land. What a tragedy. King Saul could have helped and mentored King David in the ways of being a king but he was jealous instead. He was losing the battle with the Philistines the enemy of the nation and he finally ended his own life. So the success of life is not dependant on the family or the circumstances of our family. The child with a father and mother may not be the success that opportunity offered.

King David grew up in the wilderness, fatherless in a way as his father did not even think of him on the day of Samuel’s choosing and anointing of the King of Israel but this young man had grown up knowing God intimately. When we read the Psalms “The Lord is my Shepherd” he knew the Lord would provide, he was confident that no evil would befall him, that in the presence of his enemies the Lord would set a banquet feast for him. He had a sure confidence of God’s love and faithfulness, God’s will and heart to bless and prosper him, He was fully confident when he faced the bear, the lion and the Goliath the giant Philistine that God would prove Himself to be there for David and for the nation of Israel. This sure confidence in the living God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gave him the strength, the vision, the destiny and the success of establishing the nation as a people and as the land promised by God generations before. Our children for whom this building is built are the future David’s of this nation. They are being raised in the presence and understanding of the living God as their father, their provider, their strength and the One who holds their destiny and future before them. It is our hope that in every way we will give them every opportunity to know God intimately and to learn of His faithful love and compassion. King Solomon had both parents and lived in a palace. Our children do not have both parents but this Teenage house is like a palace in the rough. In time we want it to be a palace so that these young people can grow up knowing the provisions of God, and be ready to seek after wisdom as they have no need of anything else just as King Solomon. King Solomon did not ask God for riches or power, armies or gold but he asked God for wisdom as it was the one thing he lacked as a young man taking a position of leadership. Under his kingship Israel was peaceful and prosperous. We are committed to raising young leaders at New Hope Centre who lack nothing but to seek after the wisdom of God and who will know how to lead in prosperity and peace. It is our delight and our honour to have the assistance of the Japanese Government help towards providing the home and the environment for us to raise young leaders who will be like King David, successful in all they do accomplishing the very purpose for which they were born, to live long and satisfied with life. We are committed to raising young leaders who lack nothing but to seek the Lord God Jehovah for the wisdom to lead in peace and in prosperity, committed to the success of the nation and the continent of Africa. Please convey our sincere gratitude to the people of Japan and may they also be blessed for contributing to the lives of these young one’s who will be the leaders in Swaziland in days to come. Thank you for your investment and for honouring us with your presence this day.


Ashley Howard prayer and thanksgiving service June 30, 2010

We received a shocking email from the USA last week, Ashley Howard a teenager who had visited New Hope Centre two summers ago was in a tragic boat accident during father’s day celebration and then passed away to be with the Lord four days later. Ashley while with us had made special friends with Joanna, Phoebe, and Esther. She had chosen to sponsor Esther. She has faithfully been a blessing to Esther in these two years writing to her, praying for her and supporting her with monthly finance. On Thursday afternoon we all met as a family to give thanks for the blessing that Ashley had been even for the short while she was with us and what an encouragement and good friend she had been to Esther. Our service began with Phoebe leading worship, followed by Dr Elizabeth sharing the tragic events that cut off Ashley’s life. Esther then came and shared her testimony of the goodness and compassion she had experienced through her young friend. We then meditated on a few scriptures Ps 91:16."with long life will I satisfy you with salvation"; John 10:10 "I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly"; Isaiah 40:6-8 " The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever". So as the grass withers and the flower fades leaving the seeds to continue the good of the flower. So as we gave thanks for Ashley’s life we thanked God for the good seeds that we have left, seeds of kindness, laughter, compassion and friendship.

We then shared together the poem ONLY ONE LIFE T’WILL SOON BE PAST, ONLY WHAT IS DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST. We then prayed thanksgiving prayers for those seeds, followed by prayer for comfort and strength to the family and finally we prayed for our 3 girls who had enjoyed the friendship and now needed comfort and courage to reach out in friendship in the future. Join with us all in prayer for the family as they need abundant grace to trust in the Lord and His goodness, that He knows all things from the beginning and the end and to trust Him that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord even when we dont see it in the here and now clearly.


Eight (the number of new beginnings) of our young boys joined over half a million men camping on the hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal last week to hear the Word of God from Angus Buchan. The arena was a semi-round with a high stage platform which you can see on the SHALOM MINISTRIES MIGHTY MEN WEB SITE and then huge screens projected the image of the worship team and of the preacher, Angus Buchan. This precious and wonderful man of God is a simple farmer with a heart after God. His story is phenomenal and has been made into a movie called FAITH LIKE POTATOES truly a must for everyone to see.

A young missionary from the USA offered to sponsor eight of our boys: Noah, James, John, Seth, Zadok, Samuel, Asher and Jesse for the conference and so on Wednesday morning they bundled themselves, a week’s worth of food, four tents, warm clothes, Bible and notebooks and soccer balls into Dr Samuel Hynd (my father’s Toyota venture ) with the New Hope Centre trailer attached and they headed out on the 8 hour drive to the thousand Hills of Kwa Zulu Natal. They arrived and camped for the whole time, eating canned food and being blessed by all the campers around them, they actually came home with more food than they had taken with them (amazing God) so they had plenty to share in physical food and spiritual food on their return. They were so excited about eh teachings and preparation for the times and seasons, they are ready to blow the trumpet, sound the alarm and prepare for the coming of the King of Kings and for the revival at hand now, They were charged and enthused by Angus emphasis on waiting on the Lord to renew our strength as eagles and rise above the challenges of the end times. SO these young men returned full of inspiration and determination to be mighty men, valiant in battle, committed to overcome in the name of the Lord, in His might and wisdom. Wonderful when 14 year olds, and 10 year olds are ready for life in these dimensions.

At Shabat on Friday night they shared those things that impacted and transformed them most. We thank God for Angus Buchan and the revival he has brought to the continent of Africa and especially to the men. The girls are now determined to host the MIGHTY WOMENS CONFERENCE at NEW HOPE CENTER in September this year with June McKinney. It would be great if women from around the world would come and camp on Bethany Mountain and sit at the feet of Jesus and be revived to the point of MIGHT as we see in Elijah’s life Elisha’s Life, Pauls Life and Jesus of Nazareth.

Caleb , Elijah and Joel did not go as they had been in the earlier years and since this was the last we wanted the young ones to have an experience of 500 000 men together worshipping the Lord God Almighty and feasting on the Word from a man whose life proclaims the truth of the Word he preaches.

Now we watch and pray for the manifestation of might in the lives of these boys. , Jeremiah was young when he was commissioned to prophecy, Josiah was young when he became king of Israel, Timothy was young when Paul sent him out and Samuel was young when he moved into authority of the Word of God. Pray for our 24 young leaders who will be running the HOPE CAMP for 60 orphans from May 2 to May 9 at the Mbuluzi Leprosy Mission in the beautiful mountains to the North of Swaziland. Our 8 mighty men will be there and we trust that the 60 children coming will leave empowered with might to overcome the losses, the grief the depressions, the fears and the challenges they have without parents and without the nurture and love form parents. Their hope lies in getting to know and have relationship with our Father in Heaven who never sleeps nor slumbers and whose heart is towards each and every one of us.

December 2009: Call for Support - Uncle Andile lost his house to a lighting storm

December 7 2009: last night we had severe storms and the bad news is that Andile our swim coach and head maintenance man was home for the weekend and lightening hit his house and it burnt to the ground. The good news is that he was home and had his wife and toddler son run out of the house when the storm was raging and so they were not burnt but are still alive. He will not be able to come into work today as he is arranging with neighbours where his little family can live temporarily up in the mountains.

Andile has been with us since we started the foundations of the main wooden house. He was even here cutting the grass before the building was started, so he is one of our pillar people. We really ask for help to build him a new house, just two rooms; a room for them to sleep and a room for them to cook and eat. Each room will cost US$1000 to build the basic structure; no finishings or plumbing or electricity. We ask please for folks to help us raise this US$2000 as it is the rainy season now and they are homeless.

Giving can be made through Hope for the Nations - please specify “Swaziland - Andile”.

Much thank, Elizabeth

UPDATE January 28, 2010:Thank you for your gifts for Andile. The house has been built up to the roof, however due to a big storm over the past weekend the rafters where unable to be erected. We hope the roof will soon be on.

December 5, 2009: A Day Full of Love for God

Today started out as a typical hot humid summer day with clear blue skies, but proved to be a day full of love for God. At Church, a wonderful young man from Ghana was preaching. He ministered prophetically, and asked everyone to put their hand on their stomach until they felt the fire when they felt the fire they would know it was them and they were to come forward. Ms Rachael and Ms Njabu both went forward - in total 11 people went forward. The word was that this year was the conception year of ministry and 2010 will be the birthing of a ministry that will prepare the way for the Lord in Swaziland.

Joanna (aged 11) says she too felt the fire, but when she tried to move she was frozen and shaking in the power of the Holy Spirit. She could not take a step or even lift her hand for help. Later, the preacher came down from the pulpit and laid hands on Joanna and she was free again. She found herself covered in gold dust of every colour under the sun, she had it all over her. She even had sparkles all over her bed when she was resting this afternoon and still had it all over her tonight even though she had showered - very colour and the tiny tiny dust particle size. Gold dust scripture by the way is found in Job 28 vs 6 .

Abigail and Ms Zanele were shaking from head to toe then weeping like their guts would come out so it was pretty amazing. Ms Zanele says she will tell me what God said after she has had time to pray tonight.

Recently, while in Pretoria, we had been praying about Ms Rachael’s emptiness of joy and her negligence to call joy in the morning. After today, Ms Rachael is just full of joy! She saw a vision of this huge dragon sitting over the Lavumisa school where two weeks ago she had preached everything she had in her. In her vision a small plant grew gradually into a huge vine that strangled the dragon. The vine then began to grow along the road from Lavumisa to Nhlangano, and up the road from Nhlangano to New Hope Centre where it turned into a mighty river. The river turned into a fountain, and then into the most beautiful Jesus.

All of this is just amazing! 10 years ago we performed a the prophetic act of flying around the country in a tiny prop plane and dropping gold dust mixed in annointing oil from Israel on the borders of Swaziland. When Gugu, Matrine, Jackie and I and others did the prophetic actions on the ground later, we saw from Lavumisa (city in the south of Swaziland) a vision of a huge fountain of rainbow coloured spouts of water splashing life all over Swaziland. Later when June, Loni and John were here we did the prophetic shofar blowing from the same little prop plane and one of the stronghold areas we aimed for was the mountain range that is along the road from Nhlangano to Manzini - the very road where Ms Rachel envisioned the the vine that turned into a river of life. Amazing - Rachael knew none of these former things and yet 10 years later these things are still on God’s agenda.

October Fun Day 2009

This October New Hope Centre was host to a fun day of arts and crafts. A group of supporters from Toronto, Canada, had raised funds for Dr. Samuel Hynd’s medical clinic in Manzini, and came by the New Hope Centre to visit the children.

Everyone had a great time making necklaces and jewellery, doing footprints and building things with Lego. The children were blessed with a fun day and connections with new friends. Dr. Bob and Dr. Samuel expressed much thanks, and prayed for Gods continued blessings and for future medical assistance in Swaziland. The day ended with a barbeque.

August 1, 2009 "Nedbank Swaziland Invests in the Nations Future"

Who would believe our local bank came by today to bless the New Hope Centre children! Just after lunch about a dozen cars full of Nedbank Swaziland team members arrived at New Hope Centre in a show of love and support. The bankers had come to plant vegetables, and to invest in the future of Swaziland.

The team had worked through Tsabsile the marketing officer at the Mbabane Head office to prepare a gift of 24 watering cans, 8 hoes, 8 forks, 8 rakes, 8 shovels, 8 grass cutters and 3 picks, all to make tending the vegetable garden manageable. Up until now the children’s 5.30am daily gardening work has been hampered by a shortage of good tools. There have been many squabbles as they shivered in the cold and dark early mornings waiting to share watering cans. The children are very grateful now that the early morning chore can be done speedily without waiting in line. The groundsman staff were also delighted as now the teams of 8 children who tend the gardens with them each afternoon will be able to learn the goodness of garden work without losing involvement and enthusiasm waiting for a turn with the fork.

Once we had the tools the children painted their names on each piece and then with the bankers planted 60 seedlings – cabbages, spinach, onions, and red lettuce (all that was available in the garden supply shop).

Then the greatest of all God honoured the day with His blessing of the frist rains. As I write this it is gently raining, paltering on the tin roof. God is pleased and commands a blessing when we work in unity (Ps 133) the young and the “old” the former destitute orphan and the bankers who serve the family.

To God be the Glory. Elizabeth





















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