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A Children’s Home has to have a place for little ones to play and learn and grow in safety and acceptance.  Tracie Hynd was in England preparing to purchase and operate a pre-school but her dream was to start a school of her own.  At the age of 19 with her early childhood qualifications she came out to Swaziland and started her dream school in one of the Bedrooms of the Main House with our own children and children from the surrounding Bethany community.

God inspired her to establish a curriculum that started each year in January in the book of Genesis 1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth….” Introducing a marvelously loving, faithful intelligent creator God and all the wonders thereof...the colours, days of the week, the seasons, the skies, oceans, continents, fish, birds, animals, flowers and fruits of the earth.  The second term, starting in April at about the time of Passover and continuing on through Pentecost and the Feast of Tabernacles with all the artwork, symbolism, dance and music celebrating the exciting events of the Bible and allowing them to know the nature of God through His revelations of Himself.  The third and last term of the year they focus on the life of Jesus, his teachings, his miracles, his passion and compassion  that leads to the entire world celebrating His birthday with a public holiday on the 25th December.

We have two learning centres providing for the busy bees (ages 2 to 4) and Mighty Marys and Brave Davids (ages 5 to 7) preparing them in reading readiness and for school. A play area with a jungle gym given to us by the Timber Company that built our main House.  English is the language used as it is one of the two official languages of our country.

Early childhood counselors and teachers are needed who love God, love children and have a heart for restoring lives that have been torn apart through death, despair and disease.  The changes we see daily in the children are so exciting as they work through anger by playing the drums, work through traumas by playing and develop their intelligence through gross and fine motor skill activities of play and music therapy .

The school name is Happy Over-comers as the children of our home and community have much to overcome from the tragedies and challenges faced in a land of HIV/AIDS and poverty but they have their lives ahead of them and our purpose is in the school motto when Jesus said “suffer the little children to come unto me …for of such is the Kingdom of God.”




Update 2016

After twelve years of creative and awesome accomplishments in the School if Happy Overcomers Ms. Tracie together with friends in Church Forum launched the National Early Childhood Development Network, the launch involved 260 early childhood care centres and preschools. The launching included the first national workshop and training in early childhood issues and development challenges. This was funded by OSESA.  Thereafter Tracie and Zona  ran a week long training course  for early childhood educators. There are 1000s upon 1000s of little children who desperately need the developmental challenges of an early start or Headstart as it was called in the USA when John F Kennedy launched it years ago so we are far behind.  We are eager for anyone with a heart for such young ones to come and join us in reaching these young lives( please click here to go to volunteer page)

Tracie has taken this year off to refresh her creative gifts in the Koinonia Centre in Limpopo.  Check out Tracie’s car decked out in creativity as she heads off to Limpopo:

While here at home Ms Nothando and Ms Colile are serving as trained by ms Tracie in the school of Happy Overcomers. We desperately need two native English speakers to join then so as we keep a cutting edge in preparing these kids for life.  We also launched the Living Abundantly Preschool in Balekhane with Ms Florence and ms Dorothy as the lead educators. This community has flocked to the school and the 50 spaces are already filled in the first week. (See photos) Six of our teenagers went and cleaned the old church hall we are renting and also painted the interior in rainbow colours. We really need gifts to help furnish the two classes, restore the flush toilets, create a playground and even build a jungle gym.

Living abundantly rented church hall still needs some work but it is in use. Halelujah

Living abundantly rainbow church hall made over as a learning centre, freshly painted by the Abraham teenagers

Next year January 2017 we hope to launch another preschool in the western part of the country called Mankayane near where Elijah Abraham has built his small home and started his broiler chicken farm. Presently he is doing his third batch of birds starting Tuesday February 2 2016.
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