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BirthDate: 1st January 1992

Both parents dead, never met or knew his father and desperate for a father. He was passed from family to family and then finally to strangers where he was a slave herding the cattle. At times he would run away for days confused, void of the security of knowing a fathers love. He ran away and lived as a street kid int eh capital city Mbabane but found it too much for him. He finally returned on foot walking for days to where he had last known about his father only to discover he had died in February 2004. His aunt, unemployed and having eight children of her own gave Caleb to New Hope Centre.
Caleb is called to be a pastor and he is already preaching and teaching the Word in our home and in the community. He is a talented singer and dancer.
** Shalom from New Hope Centre - January 2010 **
Caleb, our eldest son celebrates his 18th birthday on January 01, 2010 but as in the Chronicles of Narnia – “Aslan is on the move”. Caleb has flown to Canada to begin the school term in September 2009. God has prepared the way for him to complete his schooling at Smithville Christian High School and continue his training at Brock University in swimming towards
2012 Olympics.
This has all been possible through the Holy Spirit’s preparation in the hearts of His people. Melanie Stansfield first came to New Hope Centre with one of the four mission trips from Pelham Community Christian church led by Pastor Diane Walker. Melanie saw God’s heart in New Hope Centre and returned with her husband Glenn Stansfield and so a blessed relationship has grown between the New Hope family and the Stansfield family. Their daughter Emma came out with her friend Rhianna as volunteers this past summer.Through the kind and generous provision of the Stansfield family, Caleb is now living with them in Wainfleet, going to school with their two sons.
He has been welcomed by Pastor Reeva at Morgan’s Point United Church where Larry Dahmer the worship leader who had also been on one of the Pelham Church missions trips.
Pastor Diane Walker (and her husband Pastor Paul Walker) opened their hearts to Caleb at Pelham Community Church where the many folks who had been out on the mission trips came out for a welcome evening and have made plans for him to attend youth group with them on Thursday nights (one of the nights he is not at swim training).
Please pray for Caleb as he begins his new life with a new family, a new swim coach and team, a new school, new friends, new society and climate. We are so thrilled for him as he has been a “star” at New Hope Centre, a role model of excellence in preaching, leading worship, serving and helping in a multiude of ways. He is greatly missed here but we are all rejoicing in God’s plan and purpose for his life. Psalms 126:1-3 expresses our hearts best “We are as those who dreamed, our mouths are filled with laugher and our tongues with singing for the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad.”

When Caleb saw his room in his new home he laughed and said. “this is like a hotel”.
As a celebration of his “rite of passage” leaving New Hope Centre we had a party in the Tabernacle following the chronicles of Narnia theme of life we crowned him “King Caleb, the courageous”. Ms Rachael created a golden crown and uncle Joshua a wire clip for his golden robe, each with the word “Courage”. Anastasia was Program Director, and the celebration included much singing and dancing.
We ended the celebration with Caleb leading us in sharing the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus assisted by Miriam and Asher .

2015 December

Caleb has completed his first year studies at University of Pretoria passing with distinctions particularly in psychology and community development. He is a member of the praise team singing and playing guitar at the Christian Revival Centre, a lively church in Pretoria led by Pastor Don Boshoff.

Caleb returned for the Christmas holidays and took up the project of producing our annual Christmas Pageant on Saturday December 20, involving all our kids and about 60 community children. (Please check the u tube clips of this super fun and happy celebration). This coming year we want to take this to a new level inviting families to come and have a family day participating in 14 stations  of the nativity story with live donkeys, sheep, dogs , chickens and children and a big barbecue lunch which we call a Braai or in siSwati (Shisanyama).  Please pray with us that the true story of Gods love would be made know and click on giving button if you want to be part of making known the Christmas Story in Swaziland.

Caleb also immediately took up the empty space of Senior Caregiver to our Teenage Boys house and has now trained a new caregiver called Bhuti Sabelo as he will be leaving for his second year in Pretoria this coming Wednesday February 3, 2016.  Please pray with him to continue to do valiantly and courageously in his studies and in his walk with God Almighty

Contact Caleb:

Caleb may be reached by email Please send him your encouragement. Thank you for your prayers, love and support for Caleb in the past six years and may our hearts and prayers continue to enfold him with God’s plans and purposes for him in the years to come.
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