Celebration of Purim 2015

We had a wonderful Celebration of Purim at New Hope, with community, food, and a presentation of the Book of Esther. Although our pictures are not the best quality, you can see from these images we have a wonderful presentation by the children!


We had 120 children from the community come as our guests so each Abraham child had two guests and each staff member had one guest. We took the book of Esther and divided into six scenes so each age group could have one part if the story. Our small girls started with the king if Persia(Azariah) hosting a 7 day banquet while Queen Vashti hosted one for ladies until the fateful call for her to show her beauty wearing her crown. Vashti (hananuah) exercises her rights to privacy and refuses only to be banished from the palace.

The big boys picked up the story with King Xerxes(Joseph) missing his queen and the search for a new queen which ends with Titus crowned as queen Esther.  The big girls took up the story if hoe queen Esther was chosen and Chloe was a stunning hard assay chosen to be queen with Naomi as king Xerxes.
The young teen girls then had the scene if Mordecai (Abigail) wailing in sack clothes outside the palace because if the decree to slaughter all the Jews. Queen Esther played by Judith bravely approaches king Xerxes and invites him to the banquet.

Zadok as king Xerxes takes the story onward to the exposure of Haman. The final scene as Haman (Anastasia) is exposed and hung on the gallows prepared for mordecai.
The closing scene is the banquet dance and celebration as the nation of the Jewish people within Persia is saved .

Lydia and James led the cooking team preparing for 200 people (rice and mince stew with baked beans) and Joanna and team made Jello and custard  Finally we had everyone transported home by 11 pm. Truly we have shifted into a new year and new season of talent and ministry in 2015.


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