Celebrating King Jesus Birthday

Celebrating King Jesus Birthday

We would love to give you a glimpse of the best Christmas ever, thanks to friends who sent special gifts and extra fund for the Birthday of the King of Kings.

During the day on Christmas Eve some of the older children, supervised by one of the teachers cooked our ‘Christmas Dinner’ of quite a feast when its 4 turkeys to be roasted. At 6pm that evening we all arrived in the Tabernacle of Praise building which had been beautifully decorated. The centre chair around the table had a big crown on it which represented Jesus’ seat. Firstly, Abigail and Asher lit the candles in the menorah (huge candelabra), followed by James, Debrah, Tirzah and Samuel who lit the Advent candles. We then gave thanks and queued up (youngest first, oldest last) to receive the delicious Christmas dinner, thanks to your generosity, which consisted of turkey, gravy, stuffing, carrots, rice, mash potato, beef stew, sunshine coleslaw and a roll. The children’s plates where piled so high with food that some needed help taking them to their seats! You know when the children have really enjoyed their meal when there is a long queue for 2nd. For dessert we had homemade biscuits in the shapes of crosses and hearts made by some of the children and teachers.

We then watched the movie ‘The Muppet Christmas Carol’ starring Michael Caine, Ms Piggy and Kermie the Frog which the children had never seen before and really enjoyed. Afterwards we played a few games of musical chairs which was a lot of fun. At 11.30pm we all sat in a circle and sang Christmas carols till 12pm. At midnight Noah and Suzzanna lit the Christmas candle and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus. We then shared communion and had a piece of Jesus’ birthday cake which represented the bread.


At last the time had arrived for the children to receive their gifts – the birthday gift to the Jesus who dwells inside each one of us. We gathered around the stage where all the gifts were piled up high. I had never seen so many gifts before in my life. Joel called each child out to the front to come and receive their gifts but by the end it all got a bit messy. The Tabernacle was filled with screams of excitement and joy as the children opened their presents. The children had an awesome time and we hope the photos which you can view on the website have captured the moments and that it helps you feel a part of our Christmas celebrations. Jemimah was very excited receiving a new toothbrush! Ethan was very pleased with his umbrella and Timothy was very happy when he got his beeping fire truck working. Asher and the Big Boys with their plastic sword and shield sets. Jedidah with her toy phone etc.

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