History Tours of Swaziland

Swaziland has a unique and peaceful history, having never known war and bloodshed.  We have prepared to study this history through the eyes of the children and by going out to the sites around the country with elderly folks who know our story. We hope to produce a documentary or history type video or DVD that can make the story of our nation come alive in people’s hearts around the world.  We will be going out each month on the first Saturday of the month with a half dozen children in the Toyota Venture and visiting site and listening to the stories.


Our first trip was with Dr Samuel Hynd, an octogenarian who has been in Swaziland since 1926 as he grew up here when his parents came to Swaziland as medical missionaries, he then returned as a medical doctor himself, served for 30 years in the Raleigh Fitkin memorial Hospital , then 5 years as Parliamentarian and Cabinet member to His Majesty King Sobhuza II as he was Minister of Health for the country, thereafter he had an urban community medical centre for 30 years and recently opened a specialized AIDS Clinic to combat the HIV AIDS pandemic we face in Swaziland.  



We took the long road down to the South of the country and up into the mountains.  We stopped at the Mbangweni Royal residence.  Mbangweni is the name given to the place because it means the place of dispute when the Zulu king Shaka and his warriors tried to come and take over Swaziland. The Swazi King was resident in this area and had to flee with his people up to the Mzimba Mountains in the area where New Hope Centre is located.   This is still a royal residence used when Their Majesties visit in the southern region for example on Ascension Day which is a public holiday Their Majesties gather with thousands of people to celebrate the Day Jesus Christ Ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the father.  We then travelled down to Nhlangano the place of meeting because King George V of England and His young family met with King Sobhuza II in this place and it is now a moderately thriving town.  We then travelled to the Mahamba border through which you go into South Africa.  There is a  great story of Piet Retief and young man who saved his people. Then we moved on into the Mahamba Mountains and the Mahamba Gorge to see the very first land given to Christians in Swaziland.  King Somhlolo had the dream about people with horse tail like hair and pointed noses coming to Swaziland and the Lord God spoke to the king and told him that these people were coming carrying a coin in the left hand and a Bible or Umculu as it was called in SIswati in the right hand.  God said to the King “if the Swazis will ignore the coin and take the Umculu, the Bible and eat it on the inside, the nation would live.?  God also told him not to shed the blood of these strange people.  In 1954 his grandson sent a regiment to South Africa to collect the pope of the Book as they heard such people had come into the region.  We visited the stone church built by these first Christians, it is interesting because it is built of stone and is in the style of English churches even with stained glass windows, not seen much in Africa.  



Esther and John were with us and you will see them in the photo because they were thrilled to visit the church again.  When it was restored a few years ago these two were part of the New Hope Centre children’s team that read scriptures and performed a drama of the history of the coming of the gospel to Swaziland and a praise and worship dance.  Dr Samuel and Dr Elizabeth were the first donors to give into the funds for the restoration of the church at the time.  This is now a national historical monument.




We will update you in July as we will be going up to the northern mountains.  If you have video talents or editorial talents you may want to get involved or if you want to help us in the financing of a historical production we would be delighted to have your help.  You can contact us on <newhope@swazi.net> or give funds by checking the giving page on the website

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