SOMHLOLO Festival of Praise 2011


2011 is the year the world recession is affecting Swaziland in severe ways.  The Lord knew this when He visited King Somhlolo almost 200 years ago in a dream.  The Lord said a people were coming who carried a coin in the left hand and a book or Umculu in the right hand.  He told our King to choose the Umculu and ignore the coin(botton).  This is a very interesting instruction since at the time in Swaziland there were no schools and no-one was familiar with using books for study.  And yet the Lord knew the time was soon approaching when education in a formal sense would begin and Swazis would be literate using books and even today using computers and iphones.   The Lord told King Somhlolo that we must “choose the book and eat it on the inside, that our nation may live”  meaning that we should feast on the Word of God.  Jesus Himself said that He did not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the Father.  So likewise God the Father was advising us to do likewise and promising the UMCULU would give us the words of knowledge and wisdom that would bring life to the nation.
The other piece of guidance from the Living God, Jehovah, was that we should ignore the coin.  Traditionally we are well aware that the left hand is the less honoured hand.  We never give or receive anything to another person using the left hand only the right hand, so God understood our culture and He put the Umculu in the right hand and the coin in the left hand.  Now as we face the economic crisis in the land it is strange that the Lord would advise we ignore the very money, the coins, that make for wealth and commerce.  He did this because in His Word he has sown the seeds of wisdom that will cause us to prosper.  So our wealth and prosperity flows from the very same Umculu that He gave.  We find  in the Umculu the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  Joseph, and other heroes who created immense wealth and were some of richest men in history.  In His Word we find the wisdom to become the baker of bread instead of the buyer of bread in the shop.
It is time for us to go back to the wisdom of the “Ancient of Days”.  It is time to”Wait upon the Lord” and see what has gone astray in that we are now facing an economic crisis.  Perhaps we have left the wisdom of our former ways and used the wisdom of the world.  We have maybe reached out for help to other nations instead of to the Lord Most High.  It is time for us to search the Word of God, the Umculu and find the Words of wisdom, eat them, speak them.  Make Rev June McKinney released a booklet in Swaziland on how to eat the Word and Live, how to speak the Word of God in faith and watch the angels be activated by the Word of God to work on our behalf.  The angels of God were created to be the ministering spirits to the saints and we need to give them the Word so they can be working on our behalf. Rev Dr June McKinney is the keynote speaker for this 20th anniversary of the Festival of Praise.  She has a life that proves the Word of God works in preparing the road of life, in the provision of healing and the provision of wealth and prosperity.

Rev June McKinney first came to Swaziland in 1989 after a visitation fromt eh Lord while she was interceding and praying for over the world globe.  God spoke to her that he wanted her to go to Swaziland and give the King a message. The Lord also told her what He desired His Majesty to know and God even spelled the name King Mswati III, not a regular spelling of any English word. Rev McKinney  had never heard of a “Swaziland” and it could not be found on the globe she was using for prayer.  She then went to the Library as there was no internet in those days to find out where this country could be found.  She found this tiny nation of mountains and valleys landlocked between Mozambique and South Africa.  Shortly after this time of prayer she was in Israel and met a Pastor Erol from Pretoria who invited her to speak in his churches in Gauteng.  This she saw as God’s plan and time to bring her to Swaziland as Pretoria is close to Swaziland.  She rented a car and hired a driver and drove to Swaziland for three days.  By God’s grace in those three days she was staying at the George Hotel in Manzini and met  Pastor Zakes Nxumalo who helped make a way for her to meet with His Majesty King Mswati III just as the Lord had advised she was to do.  Thereafter Make June has been a prophetic Mother to the nation. She came for the first few years at the invitation of His majesty to share with the royal family and then spoke at the Easter Services(BoGood) including the Sunday Service where she shared on the power of the Blood Covenant of the shed blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  She has returned faithfully for years now bringing a word of hope, of blessing, of correction of encouragement. She has a special anointing to hear the heart of God for  nation and a people.  She will be the keynote speaker at the International Prayer Breakfast on 22nd July, 2011 and she will also share at the Thanksgiving service on Sunday the 24th July at the National Church.

Make June McKinney was formerly a nurse but God called her out of her profession to be a fulltime minister of the prophetic Word of God.  She has been sent of God to many nations and to many leaders of nations particularly to the nations of Africa and South America.  She si the author of three books that are a great tool for growing in the use of the Word of God for salvation, healing, prosperity and success. 
Her books are called ANGEL FIRE, THOUGHTS FROM HEAVEN, and EAT THE WORD AND LIVE.  These eill be available for sale at the Somhlolo International Prayer Breakfast at eh Royal Swazi Convention cetnee at 730am fo 8am on Friday the 22nd July, 2011 (tickets E150 per person) and at the revival services to be held at 6pm each night at the Lobamba national church from Monday the 18th July to Thursday night the 21st July and at the National Church on Sunday 24th July for the Sunday morning in Thanksgiving Service at 10am with Their majesties.  Come prepared to purchase a book that will help establish your life on the Word an Will of God, each book costs E100.  Come prepared to hear the Word and build your faith from the messages preached the servants of God in this special time. Come prepared to rejoice and give thanks for the turn around God will bring to the nation if we will rejoice and give thanks for what he has prepared for us if we will return to Him and put our trust in Him and live by His Word that will be life to our bones, healing to our bodies  and prosperity to our souls.

So why are we announcing the 20th anniversary of a Festival of Praise when things are looking scarey financially in Swaziland?  We are calling a time of praise and celebration because the Word of God  in Psalms 89 tells us of a password of praise and blessed are the people who know the password of Praise.  June McKinney preached a powerful message on this verse in 1998 in Manzini.  The Word of God works.  So we need to shake off the gloom and doom, put on a garment of praise expressing our trust in the God of All Creation and open the blessings upon ourselves as a nation coming together.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by and don’t let Swaziland miss its hour of entering a heavenly blessing.

Prepare yourself, prepare your family, read this column each week and know how to be a part of the assembly of praise and worshippers .  Be a part of bringing down the glory and majesty of God amongst us, that Swaziland will become the testimony of God’s amazing intervention and so, qualify to be the Pulpit of Africa.

International Prayer Breakfast Thursday 22nd July, 2011 at Royal Swazi Convention Centre, tickets cost E150 per person and Sunday Thanksgiving Service at 10am at the Lobamba National Church, free will offering. Call 76028500

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