Susan Knopman


Susan left us on July 2nd, 2011 and we are comforted by the Word of God in Psalms 116:15 “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the passing of His saints” and truly we rejoice that she is in heaven now, in the presence of the Father and the great cloud of witnesses and the angelic hosts, celebrating in all the glory and joy and contentment. But the empty space in our hearts is very real and will take time to re=order our inner being so that we can continue with the race set before us that we too will join her having run the race and receive our crowns in glory.
I first met Susan in 1998 when I attended my first All Nations Convocation in Jerusalem.  She was seated at the registration desk and I was about the 8th in line waiting to register and as I waited I was praying and talking with the Lord about those in line and about the team serving for the Convocation.  I had been the co-ordinator of a number of national and international events such as this so I am well familiar with the challenges.  The Lord opened His heart to me and showed me who this lady was helping each of us register with our many varied needs and queries.

He showed me what a precious and valued jewel she was in His sight.  He had laid in her the talents, the qualities, intelligences and graces for greatness and the experiences of life had cut facets on His investment that were like a master craftsman would cut on a remarkable quality jewel.  Her facets radiated with the integrity, diligence, perseverance, grace, kindness, friendship, loyalty, laughter, joy, peace, endurance, intelligence, orderliness, forgiveness in colours so deep and rich that it was breathtaking to behold. I admired her, honoured her and revered her from that moment of revelation.  I live in Africa and have tried to come to Israel annually though I have not always succeeded so the interaction and times of fellowship and friendship have been limited over these years, but the love and honour, respect and appreciation has been deep and rich.  The All Africa Convocations in Ethiopia have been times of sharing in a tremendous love for Africa, her lands, her people and God’s purposes and callings in Africa.  In April 2004 on the Gion Hotel message paper she blessed me with the scripture from Ruth 3:11 “And now my daughter do not fear, for I will do for you all that you request for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman.” She knew me in the spirit realm also for I was just beginning the life as mother to the Abraham children orphan children in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

In February 2010 she came to visit us in Swaziland as she was on vacation in South Africa and drew my family into her heart and bonded us al deeper into the heart of God with her deep river of love and peace. She stayed with us only a few days and ministered one day the impartation of “the peace that passes understanding” changing our lives forever. She also had a wonderful day of sharing world wide intercession using Pastor Esther’s CD of the song “I am a house of prayer, a mighty house of prayer, Jesus lives in me, so I am a house of prayer, a mighty house of prayer, a powerful house of prayer, an awesome house of prayer for all the nations: we then played ball for hours catching and throwing the ball that had all the nations on it in the world map in bright bold colours.  Joanna caught the ball and prayed for Spain, Esther caught the ball and prayed for Ethiopia and so the game continued.  Worldwide intercession from the mouths of babes and infants Psalm 8:2 “OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES AND INFANTS YOU HAVE ORDAINED PRAISE THAT THE AVENGER MAY BE SILENCED”

While she was with us she was moved to choose one child to sponsor. She asked me to recommend one and I choose the child who was set free dramatically of her past when Susan had prayed for her for the impartation of peace.  As Susan had reached out to take her hands for prayer the power of God fell sending the little girl who had come to us from a desperate situation, flying across the room jet propelled in the power of God.  She  was do  very black when she came, her finger nails from filth and her face from despair.  But the first night she was with us and had her first hot deep bath on bubble bath, lots of love and prayer her skin colour, nail colour had so brightened that we felt Jemimah was  her new name.  That day Susan reached out to pray for her,  Jemimah was transformed in her spirit and set free in the depths of her being.  When I showed Susan the child she was moved to weeping as the Holy Spirit confirmed a love and commitment.  Jemimah or Yemmy as Susan called her is a new child, full of dancing delight and liveliness, confidence and spirit.

 Esther(our adopted daughter) and I saw Susan in Ethiopia  at the All Africa Prayer Convocation 2011 and spent many hours of delight and fellowship, laughter and joy, prayers and annointings. Amidst the duties and stresses of the convocation she loved us and prayed for us, joined us in communion in the evening s and laughed with us and watched Esther enjoy the 2010 world cup on TV in the Gion Hotel.
Then, God arranged for Susan to come and spend Christmas 2011 with us and this time she brought with her the anointing of the impartation of “Wisdom of the heart of God.”  She had studied and prepared and ministered in power and might to our family, again we will never be the same.  Judith wrote in her tribute to Susan on Sunday afternoon that she was so thankful Susan had come because from the day Susan prayed for her she had been set free and set at liberty.  What a testimony from a little orphan girl on Bethany Mountain in the Kingdom of Swaziland Africa.  Truly salvation is from Jerusalem.

Susan was with us for the festivities of giving thanks to God for the year 2010 and the joys of anticipation of God’s revealed grace and blessings in 2011.  She blessed the shabat candles in honour of the mother of the home and also dedicated our triplets who had joined the family in September and have just turned two years old.  What blessed children Mishael, Hannaniah and Azariah.  We will behold in awe the fulfillment of God’s plan for their lives from the blessing of a renowned saint, honoured and trusted servant of the Most High God, dearly loved Auntie Susan of Jerusalem.


Forever, I am delighted that Susan was part of producing our first published book about God’s heart for the orphaned children of Swaziland to become the leaders of tomorrow.  She read the manuscript and proofread the final draft before printing the book “A little child will lead them”.  Her endorsement of the book captures her thoughts and her encouragement. Kate Hess shared that the book was found on her bedside table after she had passed to glory, a testimony of how close to her heart and life were the Abraham family in Africa.
How do we find the Words to thank God for the blessing and opportunity to have known and be known by His treasured talented gifted, faithful beloved servant, truly Queen Susan of Israel (taken from Queen Susan of Narnia of CS Lewis?)… Truly blessed is the man(woman) whose God is the Lord God Jehovah.

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