Special Appeals

Special Appeals

New Hope Centre is very grateful for all the generous support we receive to keep everything running. From time to time we need to focus our attention on funding for specific needs.

Seeking help to replace the old Toyota Venture Vehicle

New Hope Centre needs a replacement vehicle for our 24 year old Venture truck, which is struggling to remain faithful in the road.  The recent eleven hours drive to Bloemfontein for the 2016 All Africa Student Convention held December 5-9 was more than this old faithful could manage. We had a breakdown while we were at the convention. Thankfully we were not stranded in the highway. God is good he made sure we were blessed going out and coming in.

While the Toyota service department worked on the Venture the boys and I enquirer about a replacement vehicle. We found two options:

Avanza is a seven seater costing ZAR270,000 which could work for Operation Hope School ministries as we go out in teams of six students to minister in schools around the country

Quantum that seats 16 so could take almost one third of the family to church, swimming, ballet, sports, school field trips and family outings costing ZAR430,000

The boys voted practically for the quantum so we are launching a fund raiser for a replacement vehicle.  Please allow your creative minds to help with a fundraiser activity in your school, your church, your family or circle of friends.

We could run the race better, longer, further and without breakdown stress with your creative assistance.
Much thanks
Elizabeth and all the 53-member Abraham family!

The Quantum Bus:

The Selection Team:

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