Pentecost 2015

Pentecost celebration we held on Friday night the 29th May

Pentecost the celebration initiated by God in thanksgiving and remembrance for the giving of the Ten Commandments at mount Sinai and the establishment if a marriage covenant between God Almighty and the children of Israel as He birthed a nation from the 12 tribes descending from the 12 sons if Jacob. This celebration was the very same date that the church was birthed in Jerusalem 2000 years ago when God sent the Holy Spirit to empower the believers to live a holy and righteous life. On that day 120 believers were gathered in the upper room at my Zion in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit came as a mighty rushing wind that filled the room where they met and then alighted in each one like tongues of fire and they were filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with joy and spoke in tongue sz Peter then preached and 3000 people were born again and baptized. Now we celebrated this on Friday night in thanks giving and rejoicing. So our teenage boys barbequed boerwors (sausages) and cooked mielie pap in three legged pot in the open fire. The girls make salads and sauce for the pap, then the evening was full of songs and dances.

The tables prepared for Pentecost outside on a cloudless balmy evening

Azariah receiving the cup of Joy

Jedidah praying for a release of the gift of interpreting tongues that the church will be deified that we would have knowledge wisdom and understanding that non believers would be touched and know God is a living and caring God

Josiah praying for the gift of interpreting tongues to be manifest for our edification

Seth Phoebe and Anastacia blessing the sweet leavened bread we used for communion as the prayed for the bride if Christ the one new man made of Jew and gentile. They had done an amazing ballet of the story of Ruth (Boaz the Jew marries Ruth the gentile and gives birth to Obed  great great....grandfather of Jesus )

This is Jedidah age 11 introducing with much joy the prophetic fulfillment of Pentecost. Bhuti Bongani is translating for her. This was in the Saturday afternoon 4-14 year olds church gathering in new hope centre Tabernacle 23rd May 2015

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