Tenth Anniversary Celebration

March 28-30, 2014

Ten years ago New Hope Centre opened its doors to eleven orphans. Now there are 53 members of the Abraham family. Our kids have been holding Hope Camps in 40 schools all across Swaziland directed toward the orphans who have been the hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic.

What better way to celebrate the purpose and meaning of New Hope Centre than to bring 400 of these double orphans (no mother and no father) to our campus for our tenth anniversary celebration? A large proportion of these kids (grades 1 - 7) are head of household. 

Each group was accompanied by a youth leader who has been trained to carry on locally and a teacher with a deep interest in the well-being and future of these kids. 

If you click on the links below you will be able to experience at least a bit of the joy we had as we praised God for raising up a standard to destroy the plans of the enemy to destroy a generation in Swaziland. Instead, these kids have become the best hope for the nation. We solicit your prayers and invite you to become involved by supporting the ongoing mission.

Clicking on the links will take you to each set of pictures


NHC Kids

Necklace Making


Friday Night (God the Father)

Jesus Stations

Saturday Afternoon (God the Son)

Afternoon Tea With the Princesses:

Saturday Night (Grace):

Sunday Morning (God the Holy Spirit):

Weekend Life:

The Animals



The Campus


Primary School


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