2015 All Africa Student Convention

October 2015 All Africa Student Convention

October 3, 2015 Heading to .... Convention

Tomorrow Tracie and Caleb head out with two vehicles - eight teen girls in the Toyota venture with Ms. Tracie and six teen boys with Caleb in the Isuzu bakkie. This is the culmination of preparations with the help if Grace Lee a volunteer from Hong Kong. Each student has entered five events to display the glory if God in their God given talents. Esther is playing a violin solo, Anastasia and Zipporah a piano solo. Then Suzzanna and Anastasia each doing a solo worship dance. Joanna sings a solo with her guitar. Jesse has composed a song he sings as a solo and he sings another accompanied by James on the piano. James Zadok and Samuel have painted acrylics and framed them. Others have written poems and essays. Six boys have a drama about Godís will in their lives. John and James have a puppet show about kindness and grace. So the list goes on with Anastasia and Ruth doing science projects, one on the brain and the other on cancer research. Joanna and Phoebe have each made themselves a chiffon style party dress. Seth has entered in the category of gym training while Zadok and Esther will compete in checkers games. Abigail and Phoebe sing a duet while Anastasia Joanna and Ruth sing a trio. All the boys will play a six a side soccer game with Jesse as goalie and girls play netball. Together they will as a whole team present a creative worship dance.

So they leave tomorrow morning and return nine days later. The drive is about twelve hours each way so we need to pray for vehicles and drivers. They are hosted at the university of Bloemfontein for this All Africa student convention with students from ACE schools from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland. Scandinavian countries like Norway Sweden and Denmark will also have representatives.

A glorious opportunity to express the talent and creativity God has established inside then. We pray they will shine with confidence and display Godís splendor and majesty.

Girls are Abigail, Anastasia, Esther, Joanna, Phoebe, Ruth, Suzzanna, Zipporah
Boys are James, Jesse, John, Samuel, Seth, Zadok
Drivers and mentors are Tracie and Caleb. Mr. Lucky is going along as a registered judge for chess and checkers.

We thank God for his provision through Dr. Paul Rothwell and Dr. Cauldwell, Graham Yoko of ACE who assisted with scholarships covering much of the registration and convention fees, then Rachael Holt our former volunteer from Australia. Without their financial investment in these childrenís opportunities we could not be going and yet participation at least once is an ACE requirement for high school graduation.

A huge thank you to Grace Lee from Hong Kong, to Tracie Hynd our Early childhood coordinator who is full of talents, to Ted Stapley who helped with presenting speeches, poems and stories, to Mr. Steve our music instructor, Mrs. Helen Donaldson our ballet teacher, to Ms. Ursula our French teacher who also teaches sewing and made all the necessary costumes, to Ms. Tenge Tile who coached netball and Mr. Mfundo who coached soccer, to Gail our regional ACE representative for encouraging us all the way and to Annie Cheung our technical assistant who helped with passports birth certificates registrations etc.

To God be the glory. In the past Tracie has taken four students but this time itís 14 the same number of generations between Adam and Noah, Noah and Abraham, etc until Jesus time. So it must have a significance and we delight in Gods calling, provision , favour and protection

October 20 2015 All Africa Student Convention Update

Check out Calebís video composition about the convention on YouTube

This past week 14 teenagers along with Tracie and Caleb and Mr Lucky have been at the Bloemfontein University in the FreeState Province of South Africa for the All Africa Student Convention. They were sponsored 85% by a philanthropist in Cape Town so that made it possible for us to send the 8 girls and 6 boys you see in the photo. Boys are James, Seth, Zadok, Jesse, Samuel and John; girls are Zipporah, Abigail, Esther, Ruth, Suzzanna, Joanna, Annastacia and Phoebe. They entered competitions in drama, speech, music, instruments, voice, chess and checkers, various art projects and science projects; even two dress making items for formal attire. They did amazingly well. Each one entered five events and together came fourth in team worship dance, sixth in six a side soccer for boys then somewhere in netball for girls.

The most incredible thing however is three of the girls are nominated to represent Africa at the International Student Convention held annually in the USA in May. These three are the first Swaziís ever to be nominated. The trip is three weeks in the USA being billeted in peopleís homes. Starting with one week tour on the west coast; the middle week is the convention and the third week is touring the east coast including United Nations and Washington DC. Truly an experience of a life time but it will mean a huge fund raising campaign for them to go. The three girls nominated are Abigail, Phoebe and Joanna.

We are celebrating. Jesse the one with his tongue out composed and sang his own worship song, he is a worshipper not a singer but there is no drum percussion event so he composed his own and sang. He was awarded second place out of hundreds of entries. We will know their exact awards when they arrive home Monday evening.

Toyota venture girls passing through Oshoek border gate Saturday afternoon October 3

First Day Breakfast

James and John praying with judges before they begin puppet drama on "in everything give thanks"

Esther at checkers competition

All Africa student convention netball team Monday morning October 5

John solo with James accompanying him his song was about trusting God even when the waves are high and storm blowing

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