Passover and Easter 2015

2015 Passover and Easter weekend.
Alana Kruk arrived from Australia in Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg with her friend Sam  and were picked up by Caleb on his way home from University in Pretoria. Grace from Hong Kong flew into King Mswati 111 airport in Swaziland as our special visitors/ volunteers for the season. We prepared the Tabernacle for the Seder supper while Grace and her team baked unleavened bread using all the ovens on site at new hope centre.the teenage boys Braai-Ed or barbequed the lamb on an open fire and the excitement of celebration was in the air. Caleb led us through the Order of Service if the Seder dinner and Miriam led the dance with all the main house kids to the song "there can be miracles if you believe" as our Halel song closing the celebration.

Friday we spent six hours fasting and meditating on the seven wounds of Christ breaking the fast at 3 pm when Jesus declared "it is finished." The community team prepared sweet hot milky tea for us all with a traditional Easter cinnamon flavoured hot cross bun before we headed up the Bethany mountain to pray for Swaziland as a kingdom as a nation with a destiny and future of blessings.

Saturday we began with our uncles setting up 15 stations of the cross(traditionally it is 14 but we add the 15 th for He is risen He has conquered death and the grave as His tomb is empty.) Children and team members sign up to lead the meditations as we move around the campus from site to site meditating on what happened to Jesus at each place and how He may have felt the looking at our own lives, have we ever experienced something similar and how did it feel? Then examining the condition of our hearts and asking The Risen Lord Jesus to heal us and set us free to have a healthy compassionate heart like His.

Following the meditations Alana Grace Sam and Ms Tracie prepared a fun party lunch celebrating Jesus triumph over death and Hades as he took captivity captive and satan handed over to Jesus the keys of Death and Hades Sunday morning the Lords day of Resurrection saw us up early loading up every vehicle to go to the national Somhlolo stadium in Lobamba to gather with 50 to 60 thousand other Swazi Christians and leaders of the nation for the celebration service of the Resurrection. We sang songs. Enjoyed chorus and gospel groups singing even our good friends of he Swazi Blind gospel  Choir. They were awesome. Then their majesties arrive and you can see in the foto His Majesty King Mswati 111 alighting from his car at the stadium to join His people in worship. Later in the service He spoke of the way Jesus suffered and was challenged spiritually mentally and physically through the passion but he never gave up and encouraging all of His people to do likewise no matter what we go through we must never give up believing trusting serving and honouring the Risen Lord jesus Christ in our individual lives and in our national life. He noted that most nations took the Passover and Easters a s a holiday but Swazi’s  individually and nationally spent this weekend in church services conferences and celebrations for The One who paid the price for us all to have eternal and abundant life Truly a glorious weekend and delightful celebration of grace and salvation in Swaziland

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