Tent Revival Services

Tent Revival Services in Swaziland July 2016

A few weeks ago "babe"(father) Hynd sitting in his chair in the living g room at home said " oh I am so hungry for revival, the kind in a tent!"  I (Elizabeth) then replied ďthat might be difficult as we would have to find where those are happening." Babe Hynd asked if we could have a tent in our own yard then he could join us. So it is that on the weekend if 14, 15, 16 July (my mumís birthday) we held revival services just across the road from our home.  I asked Babe who he wanted as the preacher, his reply was Sikhova Msibi, his long life time friend who founded the Free Evangelical Church in Swaziland and planted over 35 branches around the country. Whoops, I reminded Dad that Sikhova had been promoted to glory a couple years ago and he had attended the national memorial service held for him at the Manzini Trade Fair in a huge white marquis tent. Then Babe Hynd said "ahh but he has a son, letís invite him to be the preacher."

The first night the whole Abraham family bathed early and loaded up all our vehicles to join the opening night with the community.  Pastor Shodi Msibi did not make it the first night but he sent Patrick Mabuza who delivered a lively message about everyone chasing after peace these days, peace in families, peace in communities, peace in nations and between nations. This in Matthew 16 was the condition Jesus described would be the sign of His soon return. Many in the congregation came for prayer outside the tent because it was so packed full there was no room at the front to gather for prayer.

( Moneni banner, first night Mabuza )

Friday we scrambled to find a bigger tent to accommodate more people, even though it was cold and windy people came. Pastor Shodi preached about us each and every one needing a mediator to restore our relationship with God using Romans chapter 6 and 7. More than half the crowd came forward to receive Godís grace. Pastor Shodi focused on the fact that when Babe Hynd said he was hungry for revival, it was the Spirit of God expressing His desire to find each and every person in the community to receive this Amazing grace.

(crowd Friday, gathering)

This last day started early with all the New Hope Centre children and team members up and dressed in our uniform t-shirts with the diamond in the front and "Baptised in the Holy Ghost child of God" on the back.  We gathered for prayer together and jumped into every vehicle we have and headed to Elwandle on the far eastern side of the City of Manzini, only to encounter traffic jams because of road works. We arrived at the site and set up for the children of the community.

In the days before the revival, sister Tandzi and five New Hope kids visited Elwandle Catholic Primary School. So on Saturday about 180 kids came by lunch time and we divided them into teams of 10 with two host s(an adult and a Abraham child).

( hotdogs, drama, fun, Anastasia, teamleading, color)

We sat around having a picnic lunch of hotdogs and ketchup then began the programme with teachings and discussions of visions, revelations and obedience to Godís voice and revelation. Then we discussed with activities four of the results in our land due to King Somhloloís obedience to the vision God gave him:

1) our nation has peace and people all over the world come and find us a special place because the Prince of Peace dwells amongst us, this prince of peace is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who is the Word of God made flesh (John 1:1)

2) knowledge and education came with the Word of God  as the King asked men of God to come with the Bible to teach us how to eat it on the inside, meaning we had to learn how to read, become literate and so education followed.

3) health accompanied the Word because it teaches us that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and God Himself dwells in us. So it is that miraculous healings take place as well as clinics and hospitals all out the country and sports and exercise became part of our lives.( so our activity for this one was sack racing up and down the dirt road adjacent to the tent)

4) wealth and success as we munched on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and juice at about 4pm before going home. We have been given much in Swaziland, there are diamonds, coal, and hold underground, there are forests for timber and paper pulp, fields of pineapple and cotton, orchards of oranges, grapefruit a and bananas.  We may be small but the scripture for the day was taken from Isaiah 60 :22 " the least shall become ten thousand and the small one a mighty nation, God in His time will do this swiftly"

So everyone went home happy and encouraged. We had a special treat for all little girls aged 2-8 years because ladies in Hawaii had sent a suitcase full of colourful handmade little sundresses and each little girl choose one she liked, tried it in and went home proudly.

Saturday night again the tent was full and overflowing its side flaps as people came to hear the word of God. This time Pastor Shodi took the story of Lazarus and showed how Jesus waited until everyone was convinced Lazarus was dead before he came. When he came he asked them where they had laid him. So it is with us when we have a situation or problem Jesus wants us to come to him and tell him exactly the truth of what we have done. Then Jesus went to the grave and told them to open it but they were reluctant because it would smell. So it is if we open up the issues, mistakes and sins committed along the way to people it brings a stench of thoughts, gossip and rotten reputations but if we open up the real truth into Jesus he calls us to come out and enter into resurrection eternal life. So it was with Lazarus Jesus called him to come out, he needed help from friends to take off the clothes so it is we need some help as we walk out of our situations and problems but when we come out of our hiding and burying behind deceit lies and pretence we can come into the abundant life of freedom and joy in Christ Jesus.  Wow the place burst into dancing and singing as he prayed for those who wanted help out of their problems and situations. Finally the worship team brought it to a close long after the pastor had left and the spirit of God was bringing life in many lives.

Those who have been praying for these services felt God say these services will be the ignition spark of national revival as this is the area from which the men are sent collect water each year for the first fruits celebrations and so it will be the first firsts if revival as the Holy Spirit has been.
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