Remembering Dr June McKinney



June McKinney born on 3rd January, 1942 in Corbin, Kentucky to Loumis and Fannie (Crowley) Hatcher and passed into glory at 2:33pm on 15th February,  2017 in her home in Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up in the mountains of Kentucky then went on to complete a degree in nursing becoming President of the United States National Nursing Association before marrying Vonyon (Mac) McKinney in Elyria, Ohio on June 20, 1969.

She was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit leading her into the full-time ministry as an evangelist throughout the USA. She founded END-TIME HARVESTERS FOR THE NATIONS and began training and leading teams of Christians throughout America through her bus ministry.  She mobilized local Christians and Churches  to go beyond being loving to each other by training them through her bus ministry to reach out to those in the streets and give love and ministry to those in need in the inner cities of America like Jacksonville, New York, Chicago, New Orleans. She mobilized sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Her chief desire was to see people established in the Word of God and prepared for the End Times by preparing people to walk in the power of the Spirit of God.

Soon God called her to minister throughout the world with a special passion to see God’s divine purposes established in the lives of individuals and nations. She brought God’s personal and national prophetic word to President Perez in Venezuela, to President Chamora in Nicaragua, and to King Mswati III in Swaziland Africa. She ministered throughout  Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

It was while she was in prayer over the world globe one day in her home in Jacksonville that God spoke to her about Swaziland.  She did not know what a “Swaziland” was nor where it was and certainly it could not be found on the world globe.  God explained to her that it was a small Kingdom nation in Southern Africa and He desired to give a message to King Mswati III.  She searched the atlases in her home and did not find Swaziland until she went to the library and found our Beloved Swaziland. She began praying for us from that day forward and she never stopped even at her last breath she was talking with people in Swaziland by phone  and  talking about preparing Swaziland to shine gloriously in the End Times.  God opened the door for her to come to Swaziland while she and her husband were in Israel and they met Pr Erol of Pretoria who invited her to speak in a Revival Camp meeting.  When these meetings were over she rented a car, hired a driver and came to the George Hotel in Manzini Swaziland accompanied by the Holy Ghost.  Arriving here in 1989,June McKinney found Bishop Zakes Nxumalo at the George Hotel reception and told him that he was God’s man to take her to see His Majesty. Two days later she was meeting with King Mswati III bringing the message from God that His Majesty was God’s man for Swaziland and that He knew God but He needed to know God’s power. Surely the power of God fell and His Majesty was filled with the Holy Spirit.  His Majesty then invited Make June to return to the country and teach the Royal Family Members and His Beloved people, the Word and power of God. Since then she has come to Swaziland 2 or 3 times each year working with Bishop Zakes, Pr Casaru, Rev Absalom Dlamini, Apostle Bheki Twala, Rev David Chaliyumba and many other spiritual generals within the nation.

In 1998 she was His Majesty’s guest for the 20/20 ANIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS and while walking in the streets of Manzini God spoke to her about His desire that she build a children’s home because Swaziland was about to have a flood of orphans due to HIV/AIDS and that she was to raise a standard in the flood to care for orphans and raise them to be Godly confident Biblically based leaders of this nation.  Together with Elizabeth Hynd she founded the New Hope Centre in Bethany Swaziland officially opened in March 27, 2004.  This home cares for over 50 children at Bethany but also cares for hundreds of orphaned and vulnerable children throughout the mountain kingdom through Operation Hope. The young leaders of tomorrow go out to primary schools throughout the four regions of Swaziland encouraging them in life skills, in coping with grief and loss, in working through the monsters and challenges in their young lives. This they do through Assemblies, Hope Clubs and Hope Camps.


In 1999 Make June was invited by the Somhlolo Festival of Praise to minister in Mini-Festivals throughout Swaziland.  Her message was powerful, “Arise and Shine in Ninety Nine.”  She was accompanied with an anointing of gold dust. Wherever she went there was a trail of gold dust, whether she was standing at the airport check-in desk, hugging brethren upon arrival at the airport, preaching in the pulpit or eating breakfast.  Gold dust fell in every service where she ministered in Big Bend, Piggs Peak, Nhlangano, Lomahasha - everywhere.  As she entered the Royal Swazi Convention Centre for the International Prayer Breakfast the trail of gold dust became a rain of gold dust. It was on the tables, in the scrambled eggs, on peoples faces, in their hair and even under the tables.  She spoke in the national Women’s conference at the Swaziland College of Theology  and teeth were filled with gold fillings while gold dust fell all over the floor.  What a season of rejoicing, she explained the dusting of Gold dust  as  Gods “engagement ring” to Swaziland, her land and people. This was God’s promise of the great move of God she prophesied would come through our faithfulness to God’s visitation to Somhlolo “eat the Word and Live”. Even today the flag of Swaziland she prayed over  and the Bible she was using on that Divinely blessed season of ministry bears the remnant of the gold dust.

Eighteen years later she was laid to rest at 11:30am on Tuesday 21st February, 2017 in Jacksonville National Cemetery. She is survived by her husband, Mac McKinney, a military Veteran having fought in the Vietnam War and a valiant supporter of Israel.  He took many groups from all walks of life on tours to Israel to enhance the understanding and love for God’s people and God’s land.  He also accompanied his bride on a number of her trips to Swaziland.

She is survived by two siblings; Norma Phillips and Wayne Hatcher and by many precious friends and thousands upon thousands of spiritual children in North and South America, Israel, Lebanon, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Guatemala, Venezuela, Kenya, South Africa and her Beloved Kingdom of Swaziland.

Her Memorial Service in Swaziland will be held in the Tabernacle of Praise at New Hope Centre on Bethany Mountain, 6 Km from Matsapha on the Old Highway at 2pm on Friday March3, 2017.

In lieu of flowers please make a contribution towards the building of Make June’s Memorial “House of Prayer” on Bethany Mountain at the historical site of the Somhlolo Rock: checque can be made payable to New Hope Centre, designated as gift for the House of Prayer and mailed to New Hope Centre P O Box 384, Manzini or direct deposit to New Hope Centre Nedbank Account 40000161219 or contact Us at



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