Caleb Abrahams, Mr Obed Shongwe, appointed Director NHC


June McKinney passes away, February 15, 2017, at her home in Jacksonville, Florida.

June McKinney is replaced by Caleb Abraham, New Hope’s eldest son and Mr Obed Shongwe, an elder in the Bethany community.

June McKinney, co-founder and co-director of New Hope Centre, Bethany, Swaziland passed to her heavenly home and her heavenly reward on February 15, 2017 at 2:33pm. June first came to Swaziland in 1989 in response to Gods call and was then invited frequently to teach and preach throughout the country. Upon the invitation of His Majesty King Mswati III she visited Swaziland as His Royal guest in September, 1998. The occasion was the celebration of His Majesty’s 20th birthday and the 20th National celebration of Independence. God spoke to June about His heart for a home for orphan children in Swaziland. As she walked the streets of Manzini, God spoke to her about the coming flood of orphaned children as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. At that time few people had been diagnosed with the virus, and even fewer were being treated. The nation was not prepared for the sudden multitude of fatherless children.

Today, an estimated one quarter of Swaziland’s population consists of fatherless children under the age of 18. June immediately shared with His Majesty the call of God to provide for these children. He arranged for her to have land to establish such a home.
In 2002, during seven days of prayer and fasting, God downloaded the full vision and scope of New Hope Centre to Elizabeth Hynd. Together these two women began to fulfill on earth the will of God from heaven with regard to these orphans. In 2004 they established New Hope Centre in Bethany Mountain, Swaziland.

June McKinney and Elizabeth Hynd have poured love, resources, time, and energy into the lives of the 56 children adopted into the family. Through Operation Hope and by working in schools across Swaziland, they have influenced for good, over 50 000 orphaned and vulnerable children.

The laws of the Kingdom of Swaziland require a minimum of two directors for every registered organization. New Hope Centre was registered as an organization in February 2003, and the first three children came into the home in September 1, 2003. June and Elizabeth established an Advisory Board in Swaziland; a partnership with Hope for the Nations in Kelowna, Canada; and 501c3 charity in Ohio, USA. Swaziland law also requires that alternate directors be registered on a J5 Form to succeed directors in the case of the death of one or both directors. June passed on to heaven on the afternoon of 15 February and we said farewell to her in Swaziland on Friday March 3, 2017. We are now introducing our alternate directors who become co-directors of New Hope Centre with Elizabeth Hynd. The two appointees were nominated by June and Elizabeth to fill these positions long before the event of June’s death.

June McKinney is replaced by Caleb Abraham, New Hope’s eldest son and Mr Obed Shongwe, an elder in the Bethany community. Caleb is working towards his Bachelor of Science degree. He has most recently studied at the University of Pretoria, but will now pursue his degree online as a resident of New Hope Centre. Obed has served as our Chief Mlobokazane’s representative on our advisory board since our inception. He will now serve as the second co-director.

Please pray for us to hear and know the heart of God in all matters. Pray that the three-strand chord of leadership will be Spirit led, and that we will be able to extend the tent pegs of love and influence throughout our Bethany Community and throughout the Kingdom of Swaziland. May the knowledge and the glory of the love of God be made known in the hearts and souls of citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Swaziland .
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